We go through many types of emotions while watching movies. So when a movie is about food, you connect better (if you are a true foodie). Food does not only delight us, instead, it can be used as a storytelling tool to denote class, tradition, culture, and to shed light on the inner lives of characters.mWatching these movies might make you hungry, but they will satisfy your craving for a good story.


A Disney Pixar masterpiece, Ratatouille, tells the story of Remy, a culinary genius (who happens to be a mouse), who fulfills his foodie dreams by taking charge of a hopeless American teenager in Paris. Showcasing Remy's true cooking skills, this animated prank will appeal to audiences of all ages. The piece de résistance comes towards the end of the film where Remy prepares a ratatouille so delicious that a food critic is transported back to his childhood, enjoying the taste of a bygone time.

Hundred Foot Journey

Food is food no matter what culture it is, and we love it in whatever form. The film is a perfect showcase of fusion cooking to send a message of multicultural acceptance. The film gives a whole new meaning to Indian food with French cuisine and makes you crave croque madame and chicken tikka together.

Stanley Ka Dabba

Stanley Ka Dabba directed by Amol Gupte is a heartwarming film set primarily in a school. Stanley does not bring a tiffin box to school and his friends share their box. The Hindi teacher (nicknamed Khadoos) who eats (and steals) from others' tiffin boxes doesn't like this. Stanley has a wonderful imagination and making up stories comes naturally to him. This movie will make you happy as well as sad.

What's Cooking? 

What's Cooking? There is a film that tells the story of a multicultural family coming together on Thanksgiving. While it sounds like a promising premise that could deliver some important messages about accepting your family and being open to new experiences, the film fails to deliver on both of those fronts. Instead, the family members spend the majority of the film in screaming matches and family drama.

Cheeni Kum

Though the title of the film is Cheeni Kum, the plot of the film strikes a perfect balance of all sweet and sour to present a delicious recipe. The 2007 film stars Amitabh Bachchan in the lead role as a 64-year-old chef whose only passion in life is cooking. The film takes a turn when the actor falls in love with a 34-year-old Barbie girl and uses his cooking skills to amaze his sweetheart and his father.


It was one of the best pictures of the year 2000. You will go crazy for the captivating scenes highlighted in the film. From bite-sized nibs to chili-laden hot chocolate, chocolate choco is full of recipes. This is the story of a single mom who is a chocolate and gypsy mistress. It will awaken the chocoholic in you. If you are craving for any kind of chocolate desserts, avail Bakingo’s cake delivery in Delhi or wherever you reside. 


This Indian classic comedy film directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee starring Superstar Asrani with Rajesh Khanna and Jaya Bhaduri, A.K. Hangal, and Durga Khote, a 
A masterpiece of Bollywood cinema focused on spreading family values and ethics
Through clean comedy. Chef Rajesh Khanna is one of the best movies of Rajesh Khanna as Cook(Chef), shows off his magical kitchen skills in a very unique way - he cuts vegetables
With high speed, stirs two utensils at the same time and shares golden kitchen tips
Knowledge from time to time - like how to mix cola with lemon and spice

Luv Shuv Tey Chicken Khurana

This 2012 film could be the story of any Punjabi family that runs a popular restaurant - it has everything from a secret recipe to making the family business famous, to a restaurant run every day by an eccentric family. Two people are tied on a hot pan of Chicken Khurana, which has a secret element that no one remembers. While Omi Khurana struggles to figure out the secret ingredient that makes his Darjee's Chicken Curry so good, we see how people can bond over a hot kadhai filled with freshly cooked gravy. It also shows that it takes time and talent to create exquisite and innovative recipes that cannot be easily replicated.

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