Whether you have been with your partner for two weeks or two decades, chances are there are still plenty of fun activities you’re yet to experience with one another. Trying new things and having new experiences is a great way to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. 

These activities are a great way to create some fantastic new memories, not to mention they can be very effective in getting out of a relationship rut. So if you are looking for some fun things to do with your partner, here are some suggestions. 

Get Involved in Each Other’s Interests 
Unless you two are essentially the exact same person, chances are you have many different interests. Although a person's interests are very personal to them, it doesn’t mean they don’t want to share some experiences. Here are some examples of common hobbies that you can get involved in, should your partner have an interest. 

Sports - For both men and women, sports is an extremely common hobby. Whether they enjoy watching it or playing it could mean a lot for you to try it out with them. This could be playing a game of basketball together or getting your partner into baseball. Either way, it could be a fun way to spend quality time together.

Arts and crafts - Another popular hobby is -. Although your partner may be considerably more skilled than you in terms of their creative ability, anyone can do the basics. Having your partner show you the ropes in arts and crafts could be a great way to bond. 

Dancing or singing - Although you might not consider yourself musically talented, that doesn’t mean it’s not fun to try. If your partner dances, sings, or even plays an instrument, you can try learning or else just have fun doing your best. 

Take a Trip Away 
A trip away is how some couples make their best memories. Even planning the trip itself is likely to be extremely fun. Try to find a holiday destination that suits you both. If you like lounging around on the beach all day, while they’re more of the adventurous type, find somewhere that you can do both. A trip away can lead to laughs, romance, and memories for life. Not to mention it will give you something to anticipate with your partner. 

Go on Another First Date 
It doesn’t matter how long you have been together; there’s always time for a first date. Chances are you go out for food and head to the movies frequently. However, you can really add some fun to your date by planning it like a first date. You can do something fun like going to an arcade or mini-golfing, then heading out for a nice meal and finishing the night with a walk on the beach. Personalize it to your partner. Chances are, you know them better now than you did on the first date. This means you should really be able to hit the nail on the head this time around! You can also consider recreating the events on the first date.