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‘Love is in the air.’ 

We have all heard that at some point, and guess what, it’s true. 

The season of love seems to be just about every time; Unaltered, unshaken, and the most favorite for all lovebirds worldwide. Even while threatened by a global pandemic, love has not stopped. As seen by the number of engagements in recent times, we only learned to adapt and love harder, as seen by the number of engagements. 

While the pandemic created tension and altered our lives, it provided an excellent opportunity for invention and creativity in our gestures of love. 

Engagements, for instance.

“ We have seen a drastic change in the types of rings and diamond cuts our clients require,” says Ashish Sukhadiya for Gemone Diamonds, “ our clients are looking for unique custom designs with intricate details intimate to their relationships.”

“Limits in traditional engagement is driving many to add an extra layer of details to their rings.”

Still, there is a vast array of ring designs and styles to choose from as many designers and shops display their itineraries on online platforms. 

Look at Gemone Diamond’s Instagram, for instance.  

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Even with an idea of the intimate details you want to add in mind, selecting the style that best resonates with you could be a little tricky.

Hence your need for this article where with the help of our able team of industry experienced experts, we intend to inform you on the best engagement ring styles for your beautiful bride.

Let’s help you make her smile.

First, understand that the best engagement ring style is relative. What works for you may not work for her. While selecting the ring, pay attention to your partner’s details, including her preferences, fingers, and, importantly, your financial muscle. 
That said,

Let’s explore the 10 best engagement ring styles for the timeless bride.

Classic Solitaire engagement ring style


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‘Old is gold.’ Solitaire engagement rings have been used for engagements for centuries, making them timeless. They offer an elegant, classic, and simple design that screams am engaged. Its simplicity stems from it only being made of a band with a centerpiece stone. The band [Platinum or white gold are most common] allows the well-cut round, marquise, pear, or even cushion cut diamond to sparkle fully, untainted.

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Custom solitaire designs could include adjusting the prong count around the ring and creating different prong designs to integrate a contemporary feel to its classic look. Look at this Monique Lhuillier Eternal Solitaire design.

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Halo engagement ring style

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A modification of the solitaire, the halo design creates emphasis on the centerpiece stone. It features small pave diamonds installed surrounding the central diamond. Often, a slight contrast exists between the pave diamonds and the centerpiece diamond, with the overall result of making the central diamond appear to be sparkling more and also seem bigger than it is. 

You could customize both the center and surrounding diamonds to add a personal feel and feature any type of cut. 

This design is both trendy and timeless, with a classic feel to it.  

Bezel engagement ring style

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Often, designers use prongs to hold the centerpiece diamond in place. However, this creates the risk of a diamond falling off if your partner’s lifestyle is active. The Bezel engagement ring style is a solution to this problem as it uses bezels to hold the diamond or gem. 

Bezels could have encrusted pave diamonds or a halo, depending on style. As the bezel surrounds the diamond, a colorless band allows the gem’s brilliance to be preserved.

You could use different bezel designs to make your ring unique.

Tension engagement ring style

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An amalgamation of contemporary and classic, the tension engagement ring style uses the ring’s bands to hold the center stone in place. As such, it gives off a more modern feel to the diamond. 

Different tension ring designs come from adjusting the band to hold rings in different ways.

Vintage Engagement ring style

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What better way to integrate your history into your relationship than with a vintage engagement ring? This design infuses elements of the olden days into the ring, making it unique and attractive. For instance, a designer could feature milgrain detailing. 

The vintage engagement ring style also offers an opportunity to convert an engagement ring into a family heirloom.

Pave engagement ring style 

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Contributing to the ring’s brilliance and elegance, the pave engagement ring style features small diamonds encrusted to the outer shank of the ring’s band.

You could adjust the number of pave diamonds and design based on individual design needs.

Eternity engagement ring style

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Unlike the pave engagement ring style, Eternity rings have small encrusted diamonds spanning the entire band’s outer shank length. 

As such, they have more sparkle.

Their elegance and beauty are eye-catching. With different band designs, You could adjust the number and design, and shape of the diamonds.

Channel engagement ring style

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A unique variation of the Eternityand Pave style, the pave diamonds are held within the ring’s band. Carefully contrasting diamond-band color allows the ring to sparkle more.

The channel design is contemporary and helps add a modern feel to the classic engagement ring.

Side-Stone engagement ring designs

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The side stone design allows a designer to add more diamonds to a ring’s design. For instance, the stone engagement ring where two additional diamonds are installed around the centerpiece diamond with very small variations in the diamond’s sizes.

Band style engagement ring styles

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A deviation from the normal centerpiece stone rings, some couples are adjusting to the limitations in traditional engagement ceremonies imposed by the pandemic by using band-style engagement rings common to wedding ceremonies. The diamonds are encrusted on the ring’s band in either pave or channel styles such that one ring could be used for both occasions.

These engagement ring styles could be used either in solitary or craftily infused with each other to produce great unique designs. Armed with an arsenal of this information, the burden of selecting the perfect engagement ring for your bride ought to have been lifted.