Getting invited to a wedding is not only exciting. You have to find the perfect dress, fix your schedule, sometimes even fly somewhere. And, of course, you can't forget to bring a gift with you. 

The easiest way is to write a check, but it can be somewhat disappointing for the newlyweds. Especially if they are your close friends or relatives. The gift shows your appreciation, personal attachment even. So what do you do when you have no ideas? You turn to the Internet. Here is the list of gift ideas you might consider to buy. Choose wisely. A wedding is something to remember. You don't want to spoil a couple's special day. Also, shopping on the last day is never cool, but even then there are quite a few options for you. 

1. Ask about the wedding registry

Nowadays couples clearly state their wishes. Before scratching your head, just write or call them asking about the wedding registry. It is a list of gifts a couple needs. You can "book a gift" to avoid any doubles or simply get some inspiration. Getting three packs of silverware is funny, but not really practical. Try it as soon as possible, because nobody likes to think too much about buying gifts. If there are some extremely expensive items, try to reach out to other guests and buy it together.

2. Homeware

The most classic gift for a wedding. The list is endless. You can buy a new toaster, a set of fancy wine glasses, a personal doormat etc. Try to stick with something versatile or have a couple's favourite style in mind. Options here are never-ending. Just keep in mind that if newlyweds are already living together for some period of time, they might already be stocked on some things. Smart vacuum is a good gift, but if they have one at home, it's just a waste of money.

3. Handmade

Etsy or any other website is full of talented creators who are willing to take commissions. Supporting small businesses is important. Furthermore, a gift will be considered much more personal and unique. For example, a woolen blanket or a painting. Those items can be pricey, but are much better than manufactured ones. Just try to avoid any picture frames or other basic gifts which are considered tacky.

4. Luxury items

Every family has those. It is something you won't buy yourself, but get as a gift. A fine whiskey for special occasions, a set of fancy spices that never end, steel knives only for steaks. You never knew you needed a mortar and a pestle, but you sure won't mind getting it. We all know that, we all appreciate that. It creates a future family heirloom, so it is never too early to start.

5. Gift cards

If you don't really know the couple or were invited as a plus one, there is no need to fear. There are numerous options for good gift cards suited for any wedding. A couple will be able to choose something for themselves, and you will be sure they will like it. It is better to skip spa gift cards or grocery store ones. They are never used. Be sure to check the expiration date. Better choose one without it or at least for a year. So that it won't expire after the end of the honeymoon, which can be a bit embarrassing.

6. Emotional gift

Some gifts are priceless because of the feeling they create for the couple. Try to picture something they will always want to remember. For example, their surnames, anniversary dates etc. Every couple has those precious memories they want to remember forever. Your gift can commemorate it. For example, a clock that started counting from the moment they said 'I do', a painting with the coordinates they met and got wed or a star with their surnames. Everyone would like to own a star, to count each second of their time together. For the first one, Cosmonova can help.

7. Honeymoon addons

If you know a place where the newlyweds are going, it can be a good idea to make their time even more magical. For example, to set up a photoshoot for a day in the Colosseum. Better not to keep it a surprise, because maybe a couple wanted a day of peace, so be considerate. Besides activities, there are some items you can gift, like a bottle of wine and cheese for a date in Paris. It may not be used as intended, but will always be a great surprise.

8. Activities

Wedding life is not just a boring routine. You make it funny and exciting. So for those days when they are not cooking or taking a vacation, a couple might be interested in some activities. Whether it is a puzzle set, smart garden or acting classes, choose something for them to enjoy together as a family. For when the days are tough and they will need unity, your gift can help them recover.

As a guest, you have a responsibility to show up, greet the newlyweds and share this day with them. And the least you can do is to come prepared. You don't need a big budget, just some thoughts and feelings put together into one object. Even if you give something from the list, try to customise it, so a couple will know who gifted that. And even maybe remember that after years of marriage. Wrapping paper gives the effect of surprise, so don't neglect it.