Tennessee, a state in the southeastern region of the United States, is a hotspot of tourism. Every year, the state hosts hundreds of tourists from all over the world. The US state is a paradise for nature enthusiasts as it offers incredible views that can mesmerize people. On the other hand, adventurous people can also find activities that provide a thrill. Music lovers have multiple places to visit according to their taste, and history buffs can explore various museums. Tennessee people are warm and hospitable, and they welcome tourists with open arms.

Many people associate Tennessee with the birth of blues and country music. However, the state has much more to offer. The forest-coated Great Smoky Mountains are an excellent place for hikers. The Country Music Hall of Fame is a hub for musical activities and a Dollywood theme park that welcomes millions of people annually. People who visit Tennessee feel that one trip is not sufficient to explore the state. They always return to their homes with the hopes and promises of returning.

Accommodation is one of the major concerns of tourists, and people often inquire about places to stay in Tennessee. The state offers comfortable yet luxurious accommodation as people can easily rent cabins in Tennessee to make their stay memorable. Most of the hotels, rental homes, or houses staff can get the trips booked for tourists and suggest the to-do things in the state.

Some top destinations to visit in your trip to Tennessee are as follows:

1. Dollywood

Nobody visits a place without doing research and learning about it. Tourists who have searched the must-visit sites in Tennessee know about Dollywood in Pigeon Forge. Dolly Parton, a famous singer, laid its foundation, hence the name. Dollywood has classic amusement rides for people of all ages. Additionally, it has water rides and mild carousels at Splash Country. However, Dollywood Express takes the lead in attracting people. It is a train that can take around 500 people in its seven cars and give a 30 minutes ride every hour. The ride lets people view the enthralling views through the foothills of Smokies and enjoy the mesmerizing scenes. The onsite restaurants at Dollywood offer Southern cuisines and satisfy the taste buds of visitors. Whether you go solo with friends, family, or partners, you cannot miss Dollywood on your Tennessee trip.

2. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park

The Great Smoky National Park is a famous tourist spot in Tennessee. The park offers scenic views, 900 miles of hiking trails, and a 6,643-foot high Clingmans Dome that provides people with 360-degree picturesque surroundings. Furthermore, the park welcomes people with diverse plants and animals as it is home to more than 1,400 flowering plants. The mountains in the national park are more than 6500-feet high and provide hikers with views from the top. People can come for a day trip or lay a camp for overnight camping and enjoy the starry sky at night.

3. Country Music Hall of Fame

The Country Music Hall of Fame is situated in the modern city of Nashville and is a humongous place that enthralls tourists coming from all parts of the country. The Museum showcases the traditions, history, beauty, and customs of the country's music. Also known as Smithsonian of country music, it consists of 350,000 square feet of dynamic art galleries, educational classrooms, retail stores, and archival storage. Country Music Hall of Fame is a terrific place where history and music lovers have the time of their life. They walk around the two-story wall plastered area that contains every country record produced.

4. Memphis Zoo

Memphis is another happening city in Tennessee and is the most populous city in the state. Memphis Zoo makes the city a top attraction of the state. The Zoo is among the top-rated zoos as it is easy to navigate, and visitors get a chance to be up close with almost 500 species here. It is home to giant pandas, grizzly bears, ferocious wolves, river otters, and the world's longest-living hippopotamus. The Zoo enchants adults and children alike, and people learn something different on their every visit to the Memphis Zoo.

5. Hollywood Wax Museum

As the name implies, Hollywood Wax Museum contains all the glamour and glitz of Hollywood. The Museum has a separate entertainment center, where Hollywood enthusiasts can indulge in different glamor yet filmy activities. Wax museum is not a new phenomenon. People can easily visit them and view the wax statues of their favorite personalities. The impressive aspect of the Hollywood Wax Museum of Pigeon Forge is that the statutes are not behind glass; instead, they are open. People who are not into Hollywood also have a great time there as the place bustles with various fun activities.

6. Little Pigeon River

Little Pigeon River is a fantastic waterway that offers scenic natural views. The river has deep pools and busting streams where people can dive, float in turquoise water, or fish to enjoy the seafood. Little Pigeon River flows within the Great Smoky National Park, along the borders between North Carolina and Tennessee. Unfortunately, it does not get much coverage, and many people miss out on experiencing the thrill the place offers. Photographers can take their cameras along and capture unique panoramic views at every step. Walk along the river or rent a tube to splashdown in the river; people can easily find something of their preference to do here and have a fantastic time.


Most people want to make the most of their vacations and do as many things as possible in one trip. They want to explore a place with multiple fun activities to offer and serve as a stress buster and a getaway from their mundane routine. Tennessee is home to various happening cities full of activities for people of all ages and tastes. The state has a rich history, some naturally breathtaking places, fantastic theme parks, and museums. Tennessee is magnificent and can be a terrific place for people whether they are going with friends, families, solo, or with a spouse.