The key to enjoying the finest Egypt tours is preparation. In order to make your dream come true, every traveler knows the history and culture of their travel destination and all the major & minor details that will affect the tour. Egypt is a true traveler's paradise filled with countless attractions, monuments, and artifacts that date to more than 4500 years plus a number of incredible activities that will enable every foreign soul in Egypt to experience absolute fun and excitement.

When traveling across the lands and waters of Egypt, it is always advised to be extra ready and fully prepared for your time in Egypt. It is known that Egypt is one of the major tourism capitals of the world so the locals of Egypt are used to tourists and are very friendly. There can be some cultural differences so it is advised to prepare before traveling. 

1. Prepare For the Climate of Egypt
Every traveler to Egypt should that climate of Egypt is very diverse throughout the four seasons so after every traveler has chosen their tour, they should prepare for the climate. From May to the end of July is the season of summer where the climate has an average temperature between 34.7°C (94.5°F) and 22°C (71.6°F) which is an ideal time for a summer vacation. From August to April are the season of Winter, Spring, and Autumn where the climate has a temperature of 21 °C (70 °F) which is perfect for touring all the amazing attractions of Egypt and trying out all the fun activities across Egypt.

2. Egypt Is Safe So Prepare Yourself with A Care-free Holiday
Egypt is one of the safest destinations in the world, and since tourism is responsible for the revenue of 15% of the entire countries GPD that represents 3.931B USD which increased to 4.194B USD in 2019. and 12% of Egypt's Workforce who serves about 15 million visitors a year. Egypt's crime level is very small negligible compared with many Western countries and there is a noticeable military and police presence across all the important spots in Egypt including all the tourist attractions. The Who and united nation survey of the UN ranked Egypt with the lowest number of infections at the beginning of 2021, 8.7 % of the total number of infections in Africa, second on the continent after South Africa and in the Arab world which keeps dropping. Egypt is the 1st in Africa and the third in the MENA region in Covid-19 resilience due to all the actions taken by the Egyptian government such as the cleansing of all the visited attractions on a daily basis that helped control the spread of the virus and record the highest number of recovery cases.

3. Hiring A Travel Agency Is the Best Way to Be Fully Prepared

Hiring a travel agency will be the key to living the most incredible Egypt Holiday while saving a lot of money as the company will customize the best Egypt Tour specifically for all travelers. It will choose the most suitable accommodations, transportation, restaurants, Nile cruises for the most affordable prices, plus offer the chance to try some fun and amazing activities such as boarding a magical Nile River cruise across the immortal cities of Aswan & Luxor, delicious dinner cruise across the Nile River, tropical water sports in the red sea such as diving, snorkeling, and surfing, a magical hot-air balloon over Luxor, a Sound and Light show, plus an adventurous Super Safari across the Sahara. The travel agency will handle all the minor details and logistics plus provide total peace of mind. The travel agency will provide every traveler with a professional tour guide who will be your eyes and ears across all the wonders of Egypt and showcase the best of Egypt across every step.

4. Vaccinations and Travel Insurance
Before you travel to Egypt it is advised to take the vaccinations recommended by the  World Health Organization (WHO) such as Hepatitis A, Batitis B, Yellow fever, Rabies, Typhoid,  Polio, the covid-19 vaccine, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertussis (TDP), Influenza, Shingles, Chickenpox, Pneumonia, and Meningitis. Travel insurance is an awesome way to safeguard yourself for very affordable prices from any sudden event like medical expenses, delays, repatriation, cancellations, plus Passport, Baggage, & personal liability coverage.

5. Make Sure Your Visa Is Fully Prepared Before Traveling
Before you make your way flying from your country to Egypt make sure that you have prepared your visa. You can simply check online to see if you are one of the eligible countries for a direct "visa on Arrival" which is known to lasts for only 30 days. And if you are not then you can get the visa at the airport a valid passport with six months at least remaining before expiration plus pay 25$ at the airport. To stay on the safe side, every traveler can apply online for an E-Visa by possessing a valid passport with eight months at least remaining before expiration and pay some online then you will get an email containing the visa which you can then print then add to your passport. Getting a visa for Egypt has always been an easy process.

6. Be Prepared To Negotiate And Haggle During Shopping Egypt
One of the finest activities to do in Egypt is the shopping experience where every traveler can buy a number of precious souvenirs like cotton shirts, trousers, bed sheets, bed covers,  a Galabeya, scarves and more, also pure natural leather which come in the shape of sandals, shoes, bags, shoes, Khartouche, Incense, Papyrus scroll, Geometric pattern boxes, Bastet statue, Miniature Pyramids, Antique Stones, Statues Replicas, Shisha Cotton Robes and Vail “Jilbab & Burqa”, Decorated Wooden Boxes, Handcrafted Metal Works, and more. Every Traveler should bargain and get a fair price so it is advised to always keep lowering the price as much as possible.

7. Packing The Ultimate For Preparation

In order to live a magical vacation, every traveler will have to bring all the items he or she could ever need. It is important to pack all the essentials that you will defiantly need such as any necessary medical descriptions, toilet paper, water bottle, credit or debit card, and any more important items. In order to enjoy a magical vacation, every traveler must have, Universal adapter, power bank, a VPN line, cash money up to 250$, glasses, a hat, scarf, sunblock, light soft fabric clothes, relaxing footwear, and more.

8. Prepare Yourself For Some Delicious Cuisines
Egypt is home to a number of delicious dishes that will provide all the clients with the taste of the exotic Ful & Ta'meya a.k.a " fava beans and falafel", Koshari, Kabab & Kofta A.K.A " Grilled Meatballs", Hawawshi, Shawerma, Mulukhiya, plus a number of sweet desserts like Baklawa, Basboosa, Konafa, and more.  

9. Prepare Yourself For A Whole New Culture And Language
The key to traveling the streets of Egypt in total ease and safety is by dressing modestly in descant clothes that cover your knees and shoulders. And when entering a religious place every female traveler should cover her head with a scarf. It is also advised to learn some Arabic words, the culture, and the history of Egypt which will make it easier to communicate with the Egyptian public.

As long as you are fully prepared before you set foot in Egypt, you are fully guaranteed to enjoy every moment of your amazing vacation across the amazing lands of Egypt.