The recent times have been quite testing for all of us. Especially those who were planning to tie their knot and take their love and relationship to another level. While the pandemic might have put their plans on hold, there is no denying that it has further fueled their romance and emotions. The desire to celebrate their union and eternal love has only become stronger. 

From couples to designers and sellers such as the Pink Kimberley Australia, everyone is getting more creative and innovative with rings to revere this engagement season. Whether you have already made up your mind or have just begun the talk with your partner, knowing the most popular trends can help you find the best bling for your special day. A 

By diving deep into the latest vogue, we have brought the following most celebrated styles for the engagement rings for the year.

Unique designs coupled with a personal touch
After living and waiting for one full year of uncertainty, people are trying to control their weddings to the fullest. Couples are more focused on the details than they have ever been. They are demanding new and unique designs and at least some level of personalization to their engagement ring. Couples have got more time and space to plan and choose their rings and are coming up with creative ideas to give their rings a personal touch. They are in a continuous quest of making it different in some way.

Inclination towards bands
Despite the unlocking and relaxation of restrictions across the world, the uncertainty prevails. People are still unsure of their wedding plans and are preferring to stay flexible. This has made a wedding band more popular than a ring. In the everchanging landscape, it is a perfect choice that can serve both as an engagement ring and as a wedding ring. Bands have come up as a savior for the brides who are looking for an option that can save them from disappointment in such a two-in-one situation.

Bring the classic and contemporary together
As virtual shopping is taking over in-person shopping, people are refraining to try new styles. They are playing safe and gravitating more towards the classic styles. Classic styles such as 3-stone ring or solitaire, and classic cuts like oval, round are making a strong comeback. To serve the trend and also giving an edge to the couples, designers are bringing rings that are a perfect fusion of safe tradition and vivacious modern styles.

A dainty side stone
The three-stone designs have been popular for several years. With some celebrities picking this style, its popularity has grown multiple times. Now, couples are choosing a more delicate and modernized version of this classic style. This new take has a petite side stone that gives the rings more character and adds to its appeal.

Merging all directions
One trend that is going to be omnipresent is the one that brings all the directions together with north, south, east, and west prongs and east-west cuts. These compass prongs give your modern ring a vintage feel and elegance. Modern spin to the classic NSEW prongs is getting more popular every day and is going to the most dominant trend in engagement rings. 

It is a great choice for those who hesitate to experiment but still like uniqueness. Another reason for its popularity is the ability to seamlessly blend today’s and yesterday’s world. It can easily please every taste in the house with everyone’s blessings.