Looking into the mirror, we often concentrate on one flaw or problem that appears to be impeding our perception of beauty. And we are more concerned about our face because it is the first thing people notice about us. Simultaneously, we may overlook how the various components of the face work together to generate a pleasing appearance. Fortunately, facial cosmetic surgeries can enhance the quality of life by strengthening your self-esteem.

People opt for facial surgeries for various reasons. Some wish to appear younger. Others might want to change a feature they don’t like. But to be honest, you need to ask yourself, ‘why do you want it?’ It needs to be for you, and the purpose has to be to improve your self-esteem. Because getting a treatment done only to impress others can never make you happy. The choice is entirely yours, but setting realistic expectations is one of the keys.

Learning why you want cosmetic surgery and communicating with your doctors will help you decide whether to go ahead with it or reconsider your options. However, there is nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty and doing what makes you feel comfortable in your skin. So, look below for facial surgeries that can help improve your beauty. 

1. Blepharoplasty

Our eyes can be host to several issues, both inherited and related to aging. Muscles that support your eyelids weaken as you age. It results in the accumulation of excess fat above and below the eyelids leading to saggy eyebrows, bags underneath eyes, and droopy lids. Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that rejuvenates and refreshes upper and lower eyelids by removing excess skin, muscle, and fat. Blepharoplasty can draw attention to your eyes and has a long-lasting impact. It has the following types:

Upper eyelid: Excess fat or puffiness in the upper eyelid
Lower eyelid: If you have bags under your eyes
Double eyelid: Carrying out both of the above-said surgeries at the same time

2. Facelift Surgery

Facelift surgery tightens the loose facial skin to reduce the signs of aging on the face and neck. The surgeon may also remove extra skin and fat during the procedure. The goal of the process is to make you look younger, more refreshed, and less weary. It also reduces facial wrinkles. Ensure that your health is not compromised and you are thoroughly aware of the consequences, potential hazards, and results. There are several facelifting techniques to explore:

Vertical Facelift: Treating sagging facial skin in the lower face
Adjustable facelift: Addressing the issues of loose skin around the neck, creases and wrinkles around the face, and sagging cheeks
Suspenders facelift: Minimizes scarring creating a natural appearance
Stem cell facelift: Revitalizing stem cells used to increase facial volume

3. Rhinoplasty

One of the most prevalent facial plastic surgery treatments is rhinoplasty. It is also known as a nose job. It gives a more attractive appearance to the nose. Respiratory difficulties or abnormalities caused by a birth condition or traumas may potentially recoup from cosmetic nose surgery. Rhinoplasty contours and shapes the nose naturally while enhancing its function depending on the patient’s needs. The incisions can be limited to the nose or outside the base, though scarring is hardly visible once healed. There are three types of cosmetic nose surgeries:

Reduction Rhinoplasty: To reduce the size of the nasal structure 
Refinement Rhinoplasty: Refines the tip of the nose according to the patient’s needs
Reconstructive Rhinoplasty: Done only in case of specific cancers and if the nose gets damaged in an accident

4. Laser skin resurfacing

Laser skin surfacing makes you appear healthier and younger if you have scars, blemishes, wrinkles, or lines on your face. These skin problems arise due to acne, aging, or excessive sun exposure. Laser skin resurfacing eliminates skin layer by layer with pinpoint accuracy. In this procedure, short, intense pulsing light beams are focused on uneven skin. New skin cells grow during the healing process, giving the skin a tighter and younger appearance. The doctors may prescribe medicines beforehand to prevent bacterial infections. The surgeon may treat particular wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, or forehead, or entire face. Types include:

CO2 Laser resurfacing: To treat malignant and benign skin conditions
Erbium Laser resurfacing: To get rid of superficial and fairly deep lines and wrinkles

5. Brow Lift

The brow lift is a technique used to raise your eyebrows. It beautifies the appearance of the brow, forehead, and area around the eyes by lifting the soft tissues and skin of the forehead and brows. A smoother, more youthful brow line can be restored by surgically elevating the brows and tightening the forehead tissues. Aging causes the brows to sag down. As a result, the gap between the brows and eyelashes shortens because the skin and soft tissues lose elasticity. The various types of brow lift surgeries are:

Coronal browlift: For individuals with smaller foreheads
Trichophytic browlift: For patients with higher hairlines
Endoscopic browlift: Uses a small endoscope for the surgery and is highly preferred
Temporal browlift: Addresses only one-third of brows instead of the entire brow area

6. Lip Augmentation

Surgical lip augmentation enhances the lips by modifying the contour or fullness of lips. It can give you fuller and plumper lips. Lip augmentation with an injectable dermal filler is now the most used technique. The lip fillers have Hyaluronic Acid in them. It is a naturally occurring chemical in the body and aids in the development of lips. There are various forms of surgeries that use incisions inside the mouth to provide permanent results. The surgical methods include:

Dermal graft
Vermilion advancement
Lip lift
Lip implant

7. Facial Implants

Various facial implants help in improving the structure and facial features. Facial implants are custom-made solid materials that are compatible with human tissues. The exact type and size of the most appropriate implants for you depend on your goals, facial features, and the surgeon’s discernment. Improving the facial architecture with implants can help to improve the overall appearance of the face. Most common facial implants include:

Chin implants
Cheek implants
Jaw implants

Bottom Line

Several other surgeries help in the modification of unwanted features of your face. You have the choice to avail yourself of any facial surgery that boosts your self-confidence. Facial surgeries have made it possible to have perfectly aligned and attractive facial features that otherwise were a dream for most of us. Therefore, instead of being hesitant, pick any option that entices you, and rejuvenate your beauty.