Couples and their ideal relationship without even a single issue are only limited to the movie scripts. In the real world, every couple usually goes through some issues since not agreeing on the same point, again and again, is inherent to human nature. 

Everybody knows that keeping the romantic relationship intact is hard work, and just like cars, even your relationship needs proper maintenance. Suppose you are dealing with any type of issue in your relationship. In that case, it's always a better choice to get it resolved through couples therapy instead of waiting for the situation to worsen. 

But do you need couples therapy, and what does couples therapy is all about? Let's find out through this blog post. 

What is couples therapy?

This type of psychotherapy in which a specialized therapist with clinical experience helps two people in a romantic relationship resolve all the conflicts and enhance relationship satisfaction using a wide array of therapy techniques. The technique used by the therapist might vary based on the therapist's theoretical orientation, but all the couples therapy in Los Angeles involves the following things:

Focusing on the specific problems of the couples like misunderstanding, loss of trust, and so on. 

The therapist participates actively in the relationship problems instead of dealing with the issues individually. 

Building a transparent treatment process that involves various techniques. 

Changed oriented and solution-focused interventions 

What to expect from a couple therapy?

To begin on the right foot, the therapist will start with a couple of interview questions from both partners. These questions are generally based on the history of the relationship and the cultural background, family orientation, and personal preferences of each partner. The therapist using couples therapy in Los Angeles might even begin with an initial crisis to avoid any type of conflict. 

After that, the couple therapist starts addressing the real issues between the partners as the issues will become the base for treatment and help build the proper structure for the treatment. 

Gaining insights is indeed an essential aspect of couples therapy in Los Angeles. Still, therapists also work on changing the couple's behavior and how they interact with each other. In most cases, the couple therapist will assign homework for the partners to work on their behavior and perception. 

Who should go for couples therapy?

You can't go to a couple's therapist because you had a fight with your wife over the uncooked breakfast. Pity issues are never a part of couples therapy as they need time and attention. But if you are involved in any of the below-mentioned relationships, you should get in touch with a therapist without any second thoughts;

Young teen relationships 
Interracial relationships
Gay relationships 
Relationship with a significant age gap 

For example, a new couple can get in touch with a couple's therapist to know what to expect after marriage. Couples living together for 25 years can use couples therapy to understand how they can revive their relationship and bring back the long-lost excitement. Silver Lake Psychology is a licensed psychologist group providing Statewide Private Therapy Sessions, including Addiction Therapy and Couple Counselling.

Divorce is always the last option, as ending your relationship with someone you love is never a good option. Before making things worse and thinking about divorce, you should get in touch with a couple of therapists and restore your romantic relationship instead of ruining it forever. Just find a couples therapist in your city and start getting a consultation.