Children need many things in their formative years, and some are easy to provide while others take some doing. One of the best things you can do for your child when growing up is getting a family pet. 

If you had a family pet or multiple pets while growing up, you know that they can be a significant part of your family. Children, in particular, have a different experience when they grow up with a pet as opposed to without one. 

The pet could be any animal and could range from a pet bird to an axolotl. Regardless of the pet, having a pet in the household during the formative years of a child could prove beneficial. 

The following are four benefits for children who grow up with a family pet:

We live in a world full of connections, yet many people feel disconnected from essential parts of their lives. Forming a strong relationship with others is a crucial and healthy aspect of being a human being.

One benefit of a child who grows up with a family pet is developing a strong connection with someone else besides family and relatives. Such a connection is crucial to a growing child and will have tremendous effects later on in life. There is much more to human life than connecting with other human beings, including connecting with the rest of nature. But, unfortunately, many of us live in cities where plants and other animals are sparse. Spending time with a family pet will help your child learn how to connect with animals which can become quite intense. In addition, if they can foster a great relationship with the pet, you can bet they will forge other strong connections in the future. 

A challenging part of growing up is learning that you have to accept and fulfill your responsibilities. Having a family pet will teach your child how to be responsible for someone else. A great example would be to have a fish for a pet since aquariums take a great deal of maintenance, and you need to take full responsibility for the health of the fish. You not only have to ensure that the aquarium is clean, but you also have to ensure that the fish is fed. You may also decide to add some decorations and make the aquarium luxurious. Learning how to take care of responsibilities is a lesson that is difficult to teach a child. Having a pet will teach your child how to be responsible without anyone having to push them to do it.  
If you have a child and want to get a family pet, it would be best to get a pet with which your child can play. The reason is that if your child can play with the pet, it assures you that your child will be active and hence healthy. Given the rising rates of childhood obesity worldwide, you should do everything in your power to ensure your kid gets enough exercise every day. 

Dogs, cats, and other large but harmless pets are the best option in this regard. Your child may not have other friends to play with, and you may be too busy to play with them every day. The family pet will offer adequate playtime to keep your child active. It would be best if you allowed your kid to go to the park or play in the backyard with the pet as often as they can. Playing with the pet will also be a crucial part of forming a solid connection with the pet. Nothing is as beneficial to a child-like fun and play. 


The fact is that we live in a dangerous world, and no matter how safe it seems, you should always take steps to ensure your child is secure. Many people feel insecure as adults because they grew up in unsafe environments. It can lead to severe psychological issues. 

A pet could help your child feel safer, especially if it is a dog that can offer adequate protection. Certain dog breeds will provide more protection than others. However, you should ensure that the pet will provide security while still being friendly to your kid. A child who feels secure has a better chance of growing up to be a fully functional adult than one who does not. 

The four benefits that a child who grows up with a pet will have include feeling secure, forming a strong bond or connection, learning responsibility, and having someone with whom to play. The above benefits are integral to child development and the formation of a healthy adult. Therefore, if you want the best childhood for your kids, a family pet is a good idea.