The Doom At Your Service cast is impressive to say the least. Here in this article, you’ll know more about the actors of the new K-drama I'm talking about. The fantasy/romance series is quickly becoming one of the most talked about Korean series of 2021. Viewers were mostly attracted to it because of its unique story. It’s about a woman who is suffering from a terminal illness. When she lost all hope, she asked for the destruction of the world to come on a whim. Then she heard a knock on her door. It was a mysterious man who turned out to be the messenger of doom.

The role of the mysterious man is played by Seo In Guk. You may remember him from his past shows that include The Master’s Sun, The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, Shopaholic Louis, and Reply 1997. His name in the series is Myeol Mang and he is actually a messenger from God. is mission is to bring doom to the world, that is to destroy everyone and everything in existence. He actually despises humans and he understands that even though God loves his creation, He has grown tired of them. And He believes that the only way to remedy the problems of the world is to eliminate all humans.

But things become complicated when she meets Tak Dong Kyung. The role is played by Park Bo Young. The actress previously starred in Abyss, Oh My Ghostess, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and A Werewolf Boy. Dong Kyung is a web novel editor. One day she learned that she is dying of cancer. She also learns that her boyfriend is actually married to another woman. To drown her sorrows, she got drunk one night and at the lowest point of her life she wished for the destruction of the whole world. What she didn’t know is that the angel of doom himself is listening to her and is more than happy to grant her wish.

Even the other actors and actresses who complete the Doom at Your Service cast are noteworthy. The new kdrama also stars Lee Soo Hyuk who plays the role of Cha Joo Ik, Dong Kyung's co-worker. He’s the kind of person who likes things to be straight to the point. He also treats Dong Kyung with respect. Then there’s Tae Oh who plays Joo Ik’s roommate and coffee shop owner Lee Hyun Ky. Another character is Na Ji Na who is a struggling web novelist and Dong Kyung’s friend. His pen name is inspired by Hyun Ky. All of the actors in the series play their role magnificently. Their on-camera chemistry is aso stellar.

The performance of the Doom at Your Service cast is reason enough to watch the series. But it also has an interesting premise that will certainly get you hooked on it. It’s another binge-worthy k-drama that will surely be one of the most talked about this year. Be sure not to miss out on it.