Everyone wants a facial massage technique that not only delivers mind-boggling results but also works fast. While there is no problem finding a technique like this, the problem is that most of them are accompanied by hefty price tags. 

That is where a gua sha facial, which uses a gua sha tool with the perfect facial product, comes in. The technique was first used in ancient Chinese medicine as a full-body treatment. Today, it has become highly popular in the western world as well, and part of the reason for this is its incredible affordability. Provided you get the right facial product (I prefer the Lilou Radiant Hydra Balm from Anfisa Skin), you will get stunning results at the fraction of the cost. In this article, we tell you all you need to know about this technique.

Defining Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a body treatment technique that uses a special gua sha tool to scrape the skin upwardly. The procedure helps to relax your stiff facial muscles and also promote tissue drainage.

The technique is popular in Chinese and East Asian medical practices. Gua Sha massage is more popular for its effectiveness in treating muscle pain and tight muscles utilizing applying gentle pressure with the use of a special Anfisa Skin gua sha tool. 

The results are never disappointing, and it’s because some people refer to it as the best massage technique to ever been discovered. The gua sha facial might be a relatively newer trend, although it uses primarily the same methods. And while it has always been there, it has exploded on the social media scene as the no.1 aesthetic treatment to improve the look and feel of the facial skin. 

Most people use Gua Sha as a means of relieving muscle and joint pain. Conditions of the muscle and bones are known as musculoskeletal disorders. They include back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and tendon strain.

According to experts, the technique of gua sha is also beneficial to your immune system, as it reduces inflammation. It could also treat cold, lung problems, or fever, to mention but a few.
The technique is, however, not smooth sailing. It can lead to a few minor injuries, for instance, bruises. Called microtrauma, they lead to body reactions that help to break up scar tissues.
Microtrauma also helps with fibrosis, which is the accumulation of excess connective tissues upon the curing of the body.

For the most part, physiotherapists use a technique called IASTM to fix a malfunctioned connective tissue and make it mobile. It could result from a consistent strain injury, for example. Gua sha can also be combined with other treatment methods, for example, stretches and strengthening.

Tips to Effectively Use a Gua Sha Technique for Massaging Your Face

1.Prep your base.

To start, gently cleanse and moisturize the neck and face, and then use top Anfisa Skin oil or serum for coating the area to be massaged. Prepping the base ensures the smooth gliding of the face and also prevents rug-burn kind of injury to the skin.
2.Star at your neck and work your way up.
Starting at the neck and moving upwards ensures that you get the best lymphatic drainage results. Make sure that your gua sha tool is placed at an angle of 15 degrees against the skin, which means almost flat against it. With your free hand acting as traction, gently glide the stone along the skin in upward and sweeping strokes. It should be relaxing on the skin. If it hurts, you are probably applying excessive pressure. 

3.Next up, your Chin and Jaw

After you are done with the neck, head to the center of the chin and then sweep your tool across the jawline till the point you get to your ear. Each procedure is to be repeated three-five times on each side.

4.Work the cheeks.

You should begin at your nose where there is a crease, and use sweeping motions across your cheek until you get to your ear. Repeat the step three-five times.

5.Be Extremely gentle when Massaging your under-eyes.

Your under-eye region is no doubt the most sensitive spot. For that reason, you should apply extremely light pressure. Glide the tool from the inside part of the eye to your temple. Repeat the procedure thrice on each side, and then similarly across the brow bone. 

6.Moisturize generously.

To end your facial massage, apply a gentle moisturizer for the face, preferably the Lilou Radiant Hydra Balm. That is because it has hyaluronic acid that promotes collagen synthesis.

Benefits of Gua Sha Facial Massage

It Relaxes Facial Tension

The friction that results from the gliding of the gua sha tool over the skin helps in breaking up the adhesions that are found between the muscle connective tissues and the skin, which relieves muscle tension. It tend to accumulate tension in your jaw or brow when stressed, ua sha’s relaxing nature will help to keep wrinkles away. It also relieves jaw pain and headache.

Reduce puffiness

You can liken the lymphatic system to the bouncer that protects the body. It forms a central part of the immune system and helps in distributing white blood cells and good nutrients throughout the body. At the same time, it also filters out waste matter like proteins, excess water, and bacteria through the lymph fluid.

Improve skin’s appearance

Better lymph drainage and circulation implies that less waste product will hang around the surface. This means that a gua sha technique also ensures a brighter and clearer complexion. Additionally, stimulating the muscles using this technique helps to transport oxygen to the area. 

Collagen production is helped by anything that stimulated oxygen and blood flow to the skin. This helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, improves the elasticity of the skin, and could also reduce hyperpigmentation and breakouts.

Boosts the efficacy of skincare products

Another benefit of the Gua Sha procedure is that it improves the absorption of serums, facial oils, and creams. That is because it presses the Anfisa product or oil deeper into the skin. 


Gua Sha may be an old technique that originated in Asian countries, but it is only recently that it has begun to really pick up in the western world. If you heard about it and are wondering what it is, this article should answer all your questions.