Some people cannot function without coffee – literally! To them, it is as important to their functioning as their smartphone is. This is why you’ll find that most workplaces have a coffee maker where employees can refill their mugs as they catch up, especially during break hours. If you need some coffee for your office, you can order coffee online in Australia.

If you’re an employer who isn’t providing your employees with coffee at the office, then you’re missing out on a lot of benefits that your competitors are reaping. Coffee generally makes people happy and improves their productivity. And that is not just a myth. We’ll see why within the course of this article – the reason is scientifically proven.

What’s the scientific explanation behind coffee making us happy?

Coffee not only wakes you up and warms your heart but also lifts your spirits – this is not an illusion. There’s a lot of scientific research which proves that coffee actually does make us happy.

When we drink coffee, it stimulates the release of the neurotransmitter dopamine in our brains. It’s for this reason that coffee is considered a psychoactive drug although it’s not really a drug of abuse. Coffee’s dopamine-releasing properties explain why caffeine is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance across the world. Dopamine produces euphoria and a whole lot of pleasant feelings that arouse our minds. Caffeine also slows down the rate of its reabsorption which then activates pleasure centers in the brain for longer.

The main reason why most people drink coffee is for the promise of alertness that gets delivered every time we take coffee. Just smelling coffee in itself has a way of making you less stressed.

Overall, people who take coffee regularly are happier and so, are less likely to get depressed as compared to those who don’t. So what are you waiting for? Get your espresso machine from coffee online Australia.

In What Other Ways Does Coffee Make You happy?

Shortly after your first cup of coffee, it’s like all your grogginess and irritability disappear into thin air. If you’re looking for more reasons to drink coffee every single day, here is a list of them:

1.  Coffee keeps your heart strong

Drinking about two cups of coffee daily keeps your heart in tip-top shape. It lowers coronary artery calcium levels thus reducing the risk for clogged arteries and heart attacks.

2.  Coffee helps fight against skin and breast cancer

Two or more cups of coffee a day helps to fight against breast cancer due to its tumor-inhibiting properties which also reduce the risk of recurrence. The caffeine makes the cancer cells more sensitive to treatment.

Coffee also helps fight against skin cancer especially for women. Apparently, women who drink coffee have a reduced risk of melanoma than those who don’t.

3.  Coffee is a great exfoliant

You may either use fresh or used coffee to make the homemade scrub. To it, add four tablespoons of coconut oil or olive oil to make a thick paste. Remove the dead skin by gently rubbing the paste on your face in a circular motion.

4.  Coffee boosts your metabolism

Although caffeine doesn’t entirely replace a trip to the gym, it does get your metabolism going. So go right ahead and get a refill.

5.  Coffee slows down the aging process

The bioactive compounds found in roasted coffee make you look young and sharp. It minimizes the decline of motor skills and memory associated with growing old.

6.  Coffee helps your power naps much better

After you take coffee, the caffeine takes a really short period for it to enter the bloodstream. When you need to take a power nap, take coffee for about 20 minutes before doing so. This will give you the ultimate energy boost and help you beat heavy eyelids.

7.  Coffee protects your eyes

Coffee contains a really powerful antioxidant that helps people to prevent blindness, vision loss, and glaucoma. The antioxidant compound that is found in coffee is referred to as chlorogenic acid and works by stemming retinal damage.

8.  Coffee makes your hair shinier

You may use some coffee grounds into your hair to remove product build-up just before you shampoo it. Although it creates a mess, the ground coffee beans do an amazing job in exfoliating the scalp.

9.  Coffee makes your workouts much easier

Going to the gym after drinking coffee makes your workouts easier and more enjoyable. Coffee works by increasing the number of fatty acids in the bloodstream causing the muscles to absorb and burn fat to release energy. The body’s carbohydrate reserves are reserved for use later on in the exercise.

Coffee also comes in handy when it comes to athletic performance especially in endurance sports like cycling.

10.  Coffee helps keep off depression

Forget the short-term benefits like alertness that you get for taking coffee; coffee also gives your long-term happiness a huge boost. You can still experience the magic of coffee years later if you take it on a regular basis.


A cup of coffee is enough motivation for someone to get out of bed in the morning. After intake, it instantly works wonders including lifting the person’s moods and giving him/her instant happiness. We have all tried coffee and can endorse the fact that nothing beats that feeling when you take a sip from your mug and a strong delicious taste hots your taste buds. After that, everything seems to go so perfectly and you have the energy to handle whatever life throws at you.