Online shopping has become even more convenient in recent times because of gift cards. They are convenient methods of payment, which are on almost every major online vendor. You can use these gift cards to shop, and you may walk away with a significant discount or even a gift courtesy of the gift cards.

Gift cards also make for great gifts to friends and family. However, they will not be of any use to anyone if they remain unused. It is estimated almost every year, close to 85% of all Americans receive gift cards. However, half of the accepted gift cards expire because they remain unused. That means that out of the 3 billion dollars loaded onto the gift cards, $1.7 billion is unused.

While there are many reasons why consumers do not use their gift cards, there are several things you could do with them if you are not planning to use them. Some may include:
• Donate the card to charity
• Convert the card to cash using some internet websites
• Trade the card you do not want for one that is desirable
• Pensively re-gift your card

Further, here are some tips when using gift cards for online shopping:

1. Use the card as soon as you can - gift cards are often quickly forgotten, and most times, they end up getting lost. Therefore, as soon as you get your card, use it on an online vendor because they will get you amazing deals. What's better? All the goods you order will be delivered right to your doorstep. The sooner you use the card in online stores, the better you will be because you will not forget you have the card.

2. Use the gift card on necessities - the term' gift card' often brings a defeatist mentality that the card has some "free money" which should be wasted on things you do not need. Instead of using the card on unnecessary expenses, use it to purchase items that you need. For instance, you can buy groceries, and this will save you money.

3. Understand the terms and conditions of using the card - before you go on any shopping spree with your card, it is essential to understand the terms of service. This way, you will get to know if there are any fees involved and whether you can split the card with a cash purchase.

4. Record all information on the card - each gift card you handle, ensure you make a copy of the back and front. You may also include the issuers' contact information for reference if you should need it. That will come in handy in the event you lose your card. Some cards, especially on online marketplaces, may allow you to continue with the purchase provided you have details of the card.

5. Take proper care of the cards. Gift cards can be likened to real-life money because they also represent a certain measure of value. Therefore, you do not want to flaunt them carelessly and leave them just anywhere; handle it the same way you do with money. Thus, it would be best to take care of them and even place them in your wallet or even the purse you carry to work.

6. Maintain track of the gift card balances. You can constantly track how much money is left on your gift card using mobile applications (some gift card websites also have this feature). You may also keep track of the balance by keeping the records of every purchase made and the balance left.

7. Address any disputes you may have regarding a purchase directly with the merchant. Most people do not know this, but investments that have been made using gift cards do not enjoy the same protection as purchases made with credit cards. Any merchandise bought with a gift card is subject to the vendor's or merchants' return policies.

8. Use the gift card on black Fridays or days with amazing offers. Black Fridays are the highlight of many online shopping malls. They provide great discounts on almost all their items. Therefore, you might want to save your gift card for this special occasion.

9. Buy gift cards with cryptocurrencies. Digital currency is a new form of trading that is quite reputable. One can use currencies such as bitcoin to buy gift cards or for shopping online. It is a much safer way.

10. Always enquire if your preferred online store is accepting gift cards - if they are, you may pay with them, and if they are not, you can arrange for alternative means.


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