Do you have a Muslim woman in your friend's group and want to impress them with your thoughtful present? Worry not. We have your back. You can gift one of the best Muslim gifts to your Muslim women friend. It is not a hard nut to crack; a few things might feel difficult to understand or unknown, but trust us, the Muslim women will love it. 

Several things are quite Arabic or Muslim in their origin. Getting any such gift from a non-Muslim will be a thing of great honor for the Muslim person. One hurdle which you might face while searching for a gift for Muslim women in the shop. Not many shops, particularly in the western world, are offering the products essential used by the Muslims. For that, you can check at the Muslim presents from nano jewelry; they have a wide variety of products regarding jewelry. However, r in this article, we are not only considering the jewelry but there are several other items too. 

The Islamic pendants
You might not have observed much as Muslim women keep themselves covered, but they do wear a pendant with their divine scriptures on it. Unlike some Christian pendants, the Muslim pendants have Quran written on it. As there are several pendants, you will get confused while purchasing, so do not bother about the prayer. Being a non-Muslim, you will not understand that; simply choose the one which has a nice color and texture. It will be enough. 

The attar 
Attar is a kind of halal perfume, which has no alcohol in it. As Muslims are not allowed to wear products with alcohol, so use attar. There are several kinds of attar available in the market; they are like the regular perfumes, all you need to do is smell the best one and pick it. Just like purchasing regular perfumes, ask the sellers to let you check the ones for women. 

The prayer mats.
Muslims pray five times a day. Giving something to them, which they will sue five times every day, is quite great. Prayer mats are often soft rugs with hardbacks. You need to find the one with amazingly bright colors, ensure that the prayer mat has no animal made on it; otherwise, they will be unable to use that for prayer. You can buy it from any Muslim store. If you get confused while purchasing, check the prayer mat on google, it is like a rectangular mat, unlike the square ones we have at home. 

The cover for Quran 
Quran is their holy book, and anything related to Quran will be an amazing gift for any Muslim. Be it a girl or a man. You can gift them cover for Quran; these are the velvety coverings for books. Search them in stores where Qurans are available. 

The hijab
Hijab is one of the most common clothing for Muslim women. Giving your friend a hijab will be a gesture of acceptance and love.