Humanity is the foremost reason for why we were created, hence the reason why it is appropriate that we are known as humans. People are so distressed these days because of the uncertainties around their lives, hence the reason why there should be someone to show the ray of hope in the darkest days of one's life. 

They are unable to find a solution to the problem they are faced with and this is where individuals like Richard Randolph III make difference to society. Rather than watching a person drown in the pool of sadness and worries, it is better to lend a hand and pull them from the misery they are faced with. It is all about the commitment that can bring a massive change in the lives of such people. And you never know that you may end up getting unexpected blessings in return. 

An Introduction of Mr. Richard Randolph III

Mr. Richard Rudolph III is a kindhearted individual who has dedicated all his life serving the poor, hence transforming the philanthropy and social sector altogether with his soulful approach. He is currently CEO of two major organizations, EF Block and Randolph Organization. Through these respective organizations, the target of Mr. Randolph is to provide people sustainable and environment-friendly homes, especially for poor single parents who are unable to let their ends meet. Therefore, he is known for his vision and has made a solid impact throughout Georgia, as well as other parts of Georgia. He knows how difficult is to survive for the poor, since he is overwhelmed with insufficient resources, increasing problems, and recently the pandemic to add insult to the injury.

On the other hand, it is the rich who is getting a significant increase in the cash flow and he boasts with pride how successful he is, without realizing that the tide can turn at any moment. Even with all the backup plans he currently has, it is only a matter of time he too gets on a stage, where the poor is standing. Hence, this is why rich people should focus on contributing rather than be proud of his accomplishment. Bear in mind that having pride in what he has done is not the issue, but rather neglecting or overlooking his counterpart is. 

How Covid-19 And Poverty Took Toll On Poor

With the right frame of mind, Mr. Randolph III has realized the situation, he knows that the problem needs to be addressed before the poverty level overwhelms every one of us. The situation is worsening because of COVID-19 and many people are forced to sit in their homes, and many have become jobless because of the economic collapse. 

This is why the need for sustainable homes is necessary and this is the perfect time to play your role. Everyone requires food, water, clothes, and a home to live, but at this moment in time, people are even living below the poverty line. Mr. Randolph believes that if the influential people realize the situation, their role can change the lives of the poor and this would give them a fanbase of loyal people, who won’t even think twice and lay their lives on the line for the rich. However, for this, one of the key things to do is to first get out of the dominant mindset and adopt a habit of giving to the poor.   

Unavailability of Quality Education

One of the foremost issues that the poor struggle with the most besides the above-mentioned issues is the unavailability of education. While the rich continue to get knowledge and resources and lay a foundation for their future career, on the other hand, it is the poor that gets deprived of it all. 

As an education supporter, Mr. Randolph III suggests that education should be fair to both the rich and poor. To give the poor the advantage, they must be given a part in the seminars and conferences. This way many new faces and better talent will come forward. 

The sustainable homes project initiated by EF Block and Richard Randolph III is a way to repay society for what it has given to them. Mr. Randolph urges people particularly the youth to come forward and support those who are unable to make their ends meet.  

 The problem keeps on worsening rather than getting better, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Instead, we can play our role within our capacity, and help the poor little by little keeping in mind the limitations we have in our lives. The ever-changing weather conditions have forced people on the backfoot and thus, by providing them sustainable homes. Thus, Mr. Richard Randolph III decided that he along with his respective organizations EF Block and Randolph Foundation would come forward for the people particularly single parents who are unable to support themselves or afford a home for themselves.  

It is necessary to balance the equation by providing adequate and equal opportunities to the poor. Hence the reason why Mr. Randolph III urges people to contribute. He believes that the NGOs across America are unable to go to the potential to serve the society, then what is expected of them. By combining, a massive change can be initiated, and therefore, it will benefit the poor. By realizing what was necessary for the people of Georgia, Richard Randolph III, and his organization EF Block has made a name for themselves in the arena of philanthropy.


Mr. Randolph III is a passionate individual who has always believed in his humanity-first approach. He believes that the poor should be facilitated so he can make their ends meet. The rest of the things, he will manage on his own, provided the pre-requisites are followed. Despite NGOs playing their role, yet no organization. EF Block has paved the way for various other organizations to come forward and create an impact in society changing the overall culture. Furthermore, many prestigious organizations also supported their cause, and thus, he was able to accomplish the desired outcomes based on the mission he set out. All in all, he wants people to take care of those who are unable to meet their ends and cannot achieve their dreams.