The idea behind co-living has its share of a multitude of positives. However, there is always that shade of uncertainty while wondering about the people you might end up sharing your space with. But, there are some simple tricks available, which will help you to enjoy the idea of Coliving NYC, without worrying much about it. 

You don’t always get to choose the person with whom you are about to share your daily lives. Some make too much noise, and others won’t even share a proper talk with you. Then you have some people who always leave the toilet seat up and others who will never help you to do the dishes. No matter how much you try, it is really hard to avoid such people, especially when you plan to bunk in with various others. 

But, the idea of co-living doesn’t always have to be a nightmare. In case you ever had the displeasure of experiencing the worst neighbor, then you know that you should not let the good ones go out of your hand. Other than that, there you have some co-living etiquettes mentioned below, which will help you to explore the idea well.

1. Proper communication is the key:
The main point or cornerstone of every possible healthy relationship is frequent and proper communication. It is a pretty basic option, but people always tend to neglect the importance of connecting by talking the issues out. Proper communication will always help you to understand your neighbors well. So, you get the chance to form a strong relationship and can be a good housemate too.

2. Cleanliness is another point to address:
Hygiene standards will indeed vary from one person to another. However, it is a must-have to address the basic cleanliness in a house. No one likes a dirty and messy housemate who fails to clean up after himself. So, always be quite conscious of your cleanliness. You can have a healthy chat with your co-living partner to find out what irks them the most about a messy house. You can share some of your thoughts on the same subject as well. Then make a pact to work on the cleanliness of your house together, and that will make you a great roommate!

3. Be respectful of one another:
One major aspect of shared living is to have that mutual respect and also to have proper respect for the space you both share. So, always treat all your fellow housemates as equals. They might come from various cultures and backgrounds. But, racism will get you nowhere and will only cause more trouble in your life. Indeed, all of you might not always share the same views. But, being respectful of one another and everyone’s decision is also a great way to enjoy co-living.

4. Bringing other guests into the house:
The idea of co-living is to mingle and make some new friends. However, it can turn out to be insensitive if you bring in some guests over without giving your housemate a heads-up! For example, if you reside in an all-female co-living property, then you might want to inform others before you have a male friend over. If you are having a party at your co-living space, it is nice to inform your roommate about it beforehand. Better, you can invite your roomie as well to enjoy some party time!

5. Enjoy the power of being social:
One best way to establish communication and create a strong relationship with co-living partners is by being social. If you have the money, you can throw a small party for every one of your co-living neighbors when they first come to stay with you. It will be more like a welcoming party! Show them your efforts to find out more. Try to be a trustworthy friend and allow the relationships to grow from there!

These are the five most top-notch tricks to follow, in case you are trying to enjoy the value of co-living to the fullest. There are so many other points that you can master to be a great roommate. Everyone would love to stay with you, and you might even establish some good friendships along the way.