Everyone’s looking for ways to make ends meet these days. America is still the land of opportunity, though, and hard work takes you far.

A prime example is air duct cleaning. While specialized and in-demand, this low-skill profession leaves plenty of opportunities for cross-services. You’re your own boss, and air duct cleaners can make a killing with the right mindset.

We have 5 reasons you should at least consider starting your own air duct cleaning business:

1. It’s an in-demand service

Homeowners will always need their air ducts cleaned. Duct cleaning is even more important in commercial settings.

Robotics advances every year, but it will be a while until androids can perform the complex maneuvers and thought processes required to effectively and efficiently clean air ducts. As a result, the demand for air duct cleaners will remain relatively stable in proportion to the number of air ducts in existence for at least the foreseeable future.

2. It’s relatively simple

Cleaning air ducts isn’t rocket science. It isn’t playing in the sandbox, either, but the point is that you don’t need a specialized degree or any particular experience. What you certainly do need, however, is:

A clear goal
The right mindset
A small amount of initial capital to invest

By small we mean it can be less than $1,000. To start your air duct cleaning business on the right foot, however, expect to pay closer to $5,000 - $10,000 at the outset.

As long as you don’t make any major mistakes, you’ll recoup that initial investment within a few months at most. Air duct cleaning is just that easy and in-demand.

3. It’s a lucrative occupation

You might think of carpet cleaners and air duct cleaners as the lowest peg of society’s totem pole. Not so.

Very different from salaried janitors and other custodial staff, professional carpet, grout, and air duct cleaners can make quite a bit of money. It’s not unusual to see yearly incomes over $100,000, and even if you don’t make it big, you’ll probably rake in at least $40,000 - $50,000 your first year as an air-duct cleaner.

4. All-inclusive equipment is available

Finding and comparing air duct cleaning equipment is a hassle as a newbie. You might want to custom-tailor your equipment lineup down the road, but companies like DryMaster offer all-inclusive equipment packages that provide you with everything you need to get started on the job (except a driver’s license and vehicle, of course).

By purchasing an air duct cleaning equipment bundle from a reputable dealer like DryMaster, you also get a foot in the door of the industry. It varies from company to company, but DryMaster, at least, bundles their equipment with marketing materials, training, and other bonuses to help you start out and keep going.

5. You can bundle it with other services

Upselling isn’t just for retail. Getting clients to purchase your other services is also an integral part of your job as an air duct cleaner.

There’s a very simple cheat code that works every time:

Find a client who wants your air duct cleaning service
Do an amazing job
Take a discreet look around the property
Mention other areas of concern on the invoice
Politely bring up your other services
Based on your work and attitude, your client is most likely receptive

If you choose to work with a company like DryMaster, the moment you strike out on your path as an air duct cleaner you also gain access to technology and training for:

Dry carpet cleaning
Upholstery cleaning
Tile & grout cleaning
Rug cleaning
Car & boat cleaning
Curtain cleaning
Flood restoration
And more

Starting an air duct cleaning business — the bottom line

Your options can seem limited. Plenty of people get dispirited and end up eking out their livings at minimum wage for the rest of their lives.

There’s no reason to give up, though. There are tons of essential services that need to be done around the nation, and it’s easier than you think to learn how to do them and find people who need them done.

Air duct cleaning is a prime example, but there are dozens of others. The beauty of a company like DryMaster is that, by becoming an affiliate, you gain a relationship that you can rely on to expand your income-earning potential in an almost unlimited number of ways. It’s better than taking a chance by going it alone.