For many people, living a well-organized life means keeping things simple. Ordered surroundings, whether on a physical desktop or in a digital workspace, can add a surprising amount of clarity to one's existence. If most of your work should be done on a computer, you ought to know how to organize your digital workspace manually and with the help of some software.

1. First thing you see after you turn on the computer is its desktop. This starting point affects your productivity more than you realize. The more unnecessary things you have on your desktop. the more time you need to concentrate and to find the program that you need. Leave only the most important stuff on it: a few shortcuts to the most necessary applications or folders, which you frequently use, and, possibly, a few files that you use on a daily basis. Among other things, a cluttered desktop can significantly slow down the work of a computer and as a result your own work.

2. Choose your favorite web browser for work. Different operational systems have their default browsers, like Safari for Mac, Microsoft Edge for Windows, Google Chrome for Android. You do not have to use exactly these browsers if you do not like something about them. Choose the one that meets all your needs in speed, security, flexibility, etc. All these things are important as you probably work with a web browser, save bookmarks, check emails, etc. on a daily basis.

3. We often get stressed out because ineffective communication interferes with our ability to do our job. That is why using such a voice messaging app as Echo, can be a real solution to this problem. This app doesn't require any typing. All you need to do is to record your message and send it to your colleague or the whole group of people. Echo has the best speech recognition, message history and other useful features. You can communicate with your team quickly and always stay aligned.

4. If you do not use any email organizer, then most probably your email inbox is in a total chaos or you just spend too much time on organizing it manually. Why waste time cleaning your mail manually when there is such a huge selection of email management applications on the market right now. If you decide to choose one of them, make sure it's private and practical. Talking about emails and emailing lists, you should know that even if 10% of the email addresses are dead, the entire campaign will suffer as your email account can get under spam filters. That is why it is very important to use email verification services to make sure your bounce rate is low.

5. It is important for a workplace to keep track of a project's goals and deadlines. Applications that include project management resources can be extremely beneficial to a company and each team member individually. For example, Asana. It is an effective tool for tracking and managing team projects. Unlike other project management tools, Asana has an intuitive and simple user interface. Prioritizing tasks helps teams be more productive and efficient, and all changes are updated in real time.