Your wedding DJ is someone you will be trusting to make make it memorable the most important day in your lifetime. And, especially if you are planning a wedding abroad, finding a trusted partner is even more difficult. As there isn’t a shortage of people who improvise DJs out there these days, it’s very easy to get confused. So to aid you on your quest for your perfect wedding DJ, we’ve asked to Jody Belli from ProfessionalWeddingDJ (DJ for destination weddings in Italy ) for his advice. So here are the Top 5 mistakes most couples make and advice on how to avoid them: 

1 – Pro DJs take what they do seriously

Being a Disc Jockey (DJ) is only fun for someone who does it as a hobby and not professionally as an actual career. For an amateur DJ, it does not matter if something goes wrong. However, it is completely different for someone who has opted for this profession as a career. A professional DJ puts their reputation at risk while performing. If something goes wrong, the DJ's entire reputation can get sabotaged. Many DJs think that drinking before performing at a wedding would help them perform better. This is certainly not the case with ProfessionalWeddingDJ (DJ for weddings in Italy) by Jody Belli. We ensure that we provide you with only the best services for your events.

2 - A low-cost DJ might disappear on your important event

The thing about low-cost DJs is that they lack professionalism. Yes, you read that correctly. You might be thinking that you are cutting on the cost by hiring someone that does not charge a lot of money but in reality, they would not be able to do the job, or when they find a better paid job, they abandon you to leave you in a bad situation, without warning. And, especially if you are abroad for a destination wedding in Italy, it is not easy to find another DJ at the last minute (for example, in Italy, there are very few who speak excellent English ...) It is important to make sure that you do not save on money but save yourself the hassle of getting an amateur on board.

3 - A professional DJ has years of experience doing the job

Contrary to popular belief, a wedding DJ does not only just play music at your wedding. No, that is not the only job of a wedding DJ. The main responsibility of a wedding DJ is to coordinate and manage the time throughout the event. They are also required to work with other professionals that are present at your event. This is exactly where their years of experience working as a professional wedding DJ comes into play. A professional DJ would exactly know how to deal with both guests and other professionals at the event to ensure that everything is smooth and running.

4 - A professional DJ knows how to keep the crowd hooked

With so much advancement in technology, young people who are good at using software think that they can also become professional DJs. However, it is not as easy as it might sound. Becoming a professional DJ is not an easy task. It requires a lot of skill and years of experience to become a professional. A professional wedding DJ exactly knows how to keep the audience hooked and keep everyone moving and grooving. They exactly know what type of songs the particular guests would like and if the event gets too boring, they also know how to uplift everyone's mood in no time. And then, working with foreigners is not easy: is your DJ able to know the typical music of your country? Check it out carefully.

5 - Professional DJs also have a backup plan

When we say that a professional wedding DJ can take care of things at your event, we mean that they have a backup plan for situations that might get the amateur DJs into trouble. Real DJs knows how to take care of the frustrating guests when the computer crashes or the sound becomes unbearable. Usually, when an amateur DJ fails, people revert to a professional wedding DJ. But, in wedding parties is not allowed to make mistakes: it is better to be on the safe side from the beginning.