Space is indeed important while understanding any form of art. The progression from form to infinity eases the mind into a relaxing phase and opens the viewer’s mind to imagination.

Upon perceiving paintings, the human mind consumes the empty spaces along with the defined forms in one absolute whole. This process of acquiring provides a depth of meaning to the art. The eye fathoms the artist's depiction regardless from where firm lines fade towards blank space. Thus, it finds meanings in the empty. 

‘Yohaku’ is the term applied to the usage of blank spaces in traditional Chinese and Japanese art, where large areas were left unpainted and empty. These areas were considered as important as the painted portions were to the compositions. In Western art, on the other hand, the spaces were painted blank. 

These empty spaces are called negative spaces in the language of the art world. They play an indispensable role in the techniques of portrayal as well as the creative functionality of the mind. Therefore, we should also consider how we similarly view the interior of a room, with its furniture, its settings, its walls, and its “dead zones”.

Empty Space and Interior Designing


When decorating your home, you come upon certain spaces disappointing in their blank outlook. Even after all furniture and other decorative pieces have settled well into their respective nests, the freshly painted blank walls glare back as if unsure of their place. Such areas in your interior are known as dead zones. These zones can be effectively and conveniently be rid off by installation of appropriate wall paintings. 

With the rise in efficient means, technological support and a global platform, modern art paintings are facing a surge of demand for interior decor due to their fashionable ways of depicting art in the most unique styles. The contemporary Indian artists depict themes of culture, history as well as the state of the modern individual with unprecedented techniques and tools. Other subjects like landscape and scenery paintings on canvas present magnificent flourishes of colors, that uplift the mood and attract the soul. One of the kinds of paintings which are high in demand is acrylic paintings on canvas.

Acrylic paintings come in Paint by Numbers and an abundant variety of styles. The collection ranges from still life, abstract art, scenery paintings, and portraits. Thus, you will never run out of choices while you decide which piece of art suits your home best and transforms the empty killjoy spaces to vibrant and attractive outlooks.

How Getting Rid of Dead Zones Enhance Your Home Décor

1. Makes the interior more engaging

If you like your home to be attractive, you would love it to be more engaging with its residents and visitors. And the most effective way of achieving such communication is through paintings. For example, one of the places in the house which is often neglected is the hallway or corridors. Installing framed acrylic canvas painting creates a personal gallery of one’s own. This not only attracts admiring attention but also gives a holistic result to the design. Acrylic paintings of delicate floral artwork or symbolic still-life are usually suited best for such corners of the house. Using a variety of frames also provides a lovely array of differing pieces. 

2. Creates a Focal Point

A piece of art fixed in the appropriate place in the room draws the visitor’s eye to it. It also rouses anticipation of what to expect once they have stepped inside. For a cozy room with wooden panels settled in the wintry side of the world, a painting of bright colours will belong right over the fireplace. It is important to consider the size  and the colour palette of the canvas which you intend to install. Measurements of the wall beforehand and considering the colours already present in the room assist in such decisions. For example, a smaller sized canvas with soft shades complements a minimalistic design of a room painted in white and with few furniture. 

3. Helps in assisting your Interior Decor

Planning on the kind of artwork you want installed in your unfurnished room helps to decide on the colour palette of the entire room accordingly. You pick out the dominant shades from the painting to accentuate colours in your room as well as its other components. Selecting the wall painting first also helps to avoid the confusing situation of choosing one shade for the room from an endless variety. It is indeed effective because you prepare your interior decor taking in consideration the supposed dead zones and their subsequent riddance.

4. Provides a Sense of Texture

Installing paintings which are made using different mediums helps to bring a varying sense of texture. For Acrylic paintings, there are different types of mediums that are used: Gloss medium, Gel medium, Matte medium, Glazing medium, Flow Improver or “wetting agent”, Retarding Medium, Modeling Paste and Texture Gels. Each has their own unique function and helps to cultivate the desired effect on the painting. Rougher textures bring a more grounded and natural appeal to the decor, while smooth and polished textures provide a sleek, sophisticated outlook. 

5. Brings a Finished Appeal to the Room

When you replace the dead zones of your room or office with tasteful art, the setting crafts a meaning. This not only moulds the atmosphere but can also define the owner of the place. An apartment that is put together in haste and clumsiness does not appeal to its visitors. Thus, if you want your setting to mean something, you should calculate the artistic appeal of the decor and how it influences the impression of your personality. The rough, threadbare edges of your rooms should be carefully mended with planned installations. Artwork that blends with ease, and preferably also with meaning, with the setting of the room shapes the decor in a wholesome existence.

Paintings are not the only piece that one resorts to while decorating their room or office, yet it is the most efficient. If selected with precision and care, a piece of artwork on the blank wall of your drawing room can provide so much to the atmosphere with its singular presence. The colours can complement with the walls, the furniture as well as other decorative pieces that you choose to include in the brilliant amalgamation.