After a long day of work or play it is always nice to come home and just veg out on the couch. Something about surrounding yourself with your favorite snacks and binging out on your streaming services just recharges your battery. Everyone knows the most comfortable to lay around is in your underwear and nothing else.

Best Underwear to Accompany Your Sitcom Binge

That is easily the best underwear is the most comfortable underwear. For most men, this means boxer briefs. They are form-fitting and just give the right amount of support to keep everything in place all day. Also honestly they just look better on than baggy boxer shorts or the dreaded “tighty whiteys”. Now the only question to ask is what makes a good pair of boxer briefs the best pair of boxer briefs?

The Perfect Pair of Boxer Briefs

When it comes to finding the perfect pair of boxer briefs there are a few requirements that must be met. If you make sure to check off everything on this list you can be guaranteed that you will have purchased a pair of boxer briefs that will be absolutely perfect for lounging around the house. 


One of the biggest concerns when it comes to boxer briefs is their ability to make sure “the family jewels” can breath and stay dry. There is nothing worse than having a swamp between your legs.

Stretchy Micro-Modal Fabrics

Micro-modal is the best fabric when it comes to boxer briefs. It is a very absorbent and breathable material. It is also a very stretchy fabric that means it allows the boxers to fit snuggly and allows them to provide enough support to hold everything in place all day. 

Since they can support you all day there is no need to have to constantly adjust yourself all day. You and everyone around you will be grateful that you do not constantly have your hand in your crotch.

Quick Draw Fly

Make sure that the boxer briefs you choose have a fly that opens to the left. This allows for the fly to stay closed more securely and also allows you to have quicker and easier access to your “tool” when you need to go to the bathroom.


Again you do not want to end up with sweaty “jewels” on hot days. You need to make sure that everything can breathe by choosing boxer briefs that are made of breathable material. If you choose a fabric that is not breathable you raise the chances of bacteria starting to grow. Once there are bacteria in your area it will start to have an unpleasant odor. 


Since we all know that boxer briefs see a lot of crap you need to make sure the ones you purchase are very durable. They will be used a lot and washed often so durability is a must. You also want to make sure they will last through all physical activities and movements.

Time to Shop

Now that you know that boxer briefs are the best underwear for lounging around the house, it is time for you to start looking for a pair that checks off everything on the list above. Then you can know with confidence that you have a perfect pair of boxer briefs to be lazy in on your off day.

Those boxer briefs will also be perfect for everyday wear. You will know that you will have support all day and never end up with a swamp between your legs. It time to start shopping so you can be streaming your favorite show in your new boxer briefs as soon as possible.