When you’re trying to buy an oven, you will come to know that there are many different models available. While the models can vary depending on the brand you’re going with, the question is, are there different types of the oven?

Today, we will answer this question in great detail.

We will not only answer this question but also go into the details.

Are there different types of oven?

Yes, there are various types of ovens available. We will go into the details of these oven types below.

1. Conventional ovens:

The first type of oven which you can opt for is the conventional oven. It is the stationary oven. In the conventional oven, metallic elements produce heat. The electric current flows through these metallic elements to generate heat. The heat generated in the close space cooks the ingredients.

The working principle of conventional ovens is pretty simple.

2. Convection ovens:

There is a difference between conventional ovens and convection ovens. The convection ovens have not only a heating element but also a fan. The job of the fan is to circulate the heat generated all over the cavity. When that happens, it can cook the food at a faster pace.

By consuming the same amount of power, convection ovens can produce more heat and cook the food better and faster. Convection ovens also have more uniform heating due to the circulation provided by the fan. That is why they are more efficient.

3. Microwave ovens:

Microwave ovens use electromagnetic waves as well as a heat transfer mechanism to generate the heat. With the help of proper electric and magnetic fields, heat is generated.

Due to the same, they are incredibly efficient. Moreover, since they rely on properties of the magnet as well electric fields, the heat is uniform as well. These days, the efficiency of microwave ovens has made them quite popular.

4. Wall ovens:

The wall ovens which we are speaking about now can be convection, microwave, or conventional type. However, this type is dependent on the type of installation. Needless to say, they are installed in the wall itself. You can install them in the cabinet as well.

The prime advantage of these ovens is that they have an efficient design. Due to the same, it becomes easier to install them in a crowded kitchen. Thus, if you have plenty of gadgets in your kitchen and want a permanent oven without occupying a lot of space, this oven fits your requirements perfectly.

5. Freestanding ovens:

As the name itself suggests, freestanding ovens can be kept anywhere. They come with a base design of their own. Many freestanding ovens also come with wheels at the bottom. Consequently, moving them around is easy. If you often move around the ovens, this is the type which you should go with.

6. Steam ovens:

Most homeowners still like to use conventional cooking techniques. If you’re one of them, steam ovens will be your best friend. Needless to say, they use steam for cooking vegetables as well as fruits. They can cook meat as well.

The advantage of steam ovens is that they can retain flavor as well as nutrients. Thus, if you want to go with the traditional cooking technique, steam ovens are the ones which you should go ahead with.

Thus, there are different types of ovens available. Once you go through the options above, it will become easier for you to buy the right kind of oven.