Down through the years, people have tried various means of safeguarding their plants or trees against damage. As a result, several people have thus adopted the practice of painting their trees white. As such, during your daily run or drive around the neighborhood you are likely to see a lot of white trees in the backyards of homesteads. Do not assume this is mainly for aesthetic beauty, even if it can be quite appealing. There are plenty of other benefits that arise from painting your trees white. Below we have outlined some of these:

Protect the trees from rodents and insects
Insects can be a huge menace to farmers and gardeners, as they do play the single role of destroying your crop and plants and causing infections and diseases to them. This is even the case concerning trees, as they are quite prone to attract insects. Painting your tree the color white would thus be a good thing to try as it has been proven to show that it reduces the infestation of unwanted critters and animals. It is therefore a simple, convenient way of taking care of your plants which will grant you the anticipated results in a pretty short amount of time.

Protects the tree from harsh weather conditions
Painting your trees white will especially serve as a protective barrier from varying weather conditions. For instance, the white paint will reflect away the direct rays of sunlight during the day, thus helping to keep the tree cool. Studies have further demonstrated that having a painted tree will help to prevent the tender bark of young trees from cracking and splitting due to a drop in temperature later in the day. This often arises due to the fluctuation in temperature since it is often freezing during the night and warm in the day when thawing occurs. Through white paint, you may thus be able to achieve some form of balance as the paint will help to keep the tree warm during the night.

Another thing that a person needs to pay attention to is the type of paint that they use on the tree. You have to keep in mind that the tree is a living plant, which, with the wrong conditions can easily be damaged. A water-based, latex paint should therefore do the trick, since using any other form, for instance, oil-based, may suffocate the tree. In case you are not too sure about what to do, you may consider engaging the services of tree care experts such as Trufast. They will assist you in any tree care concern that you may have and remove all the daunting work from your hands.

Painting the trees
This should be the fun part for you, as all you would need to is grab a brush and paint away. You may even engage your family and friends to assist you, which will act as a fun outdoorsy activity for you both. Please remember to follow the instructions given on the paint containers, mix the right parts of water with the paint for best results. Now there are differing opinions exactly on what mixture exactly works on the trees, despite the instructions granted. Some people believe it should be a 50.50 split, while for others it could be 1 part paint 3 parts water. You may need to give the various mixtures a test of your own and see exactly what works for your tree. You may even check out various reviews online of people that have done this before, and see exactly what works best for you. Furthermore, if you want to take it the extra mile you may even consider investing in organic paint, which will ensure that your tree is protected from any form of infection that would arise otherwise.

Overall, tree painting is a pretty easy, cost-effective way to protect your trees, and is a method that has been tried and tested with good results. With the right form of application, you will not have rabbits nibbling on your young tree barks as well as an infestation from borers. For that extra layer of protection, consider investing in a rodent repellant as well, which will ensure that no rabbit will even attempt to come near your trees. You should thus strongly consider trying tree painting for yourself and contribute to this noble cause of preserving our planet’s natural resources. There is a big likelihood that you will not be disappointed in your efforts.