Are you struggling in school? You are not alone - everyone learns differently, with some students needing to utilize different methods to retain information and fully grasp a difficult concept. Many students have trouble understanding all the different components of the language, ranging from vocabulary to syntax. 

Why should I use an English tutor?

Large classes can waste your time

If you find it difficult to pay attention and retain information in large lecture halls and crowded classrooms, you may benefit from using an English tutor. 

Your career depends on proficient English

If you frequently compose emails, write articles, speak with colleagues, and rely on the English language to communicate your ideas and opinions to employees and potential clients, demonstrating proficiency in the language is key to establishing trust and connection with others in your field.

Your life is busy

If you find your daily life is too busy to head across town to an in-person class between business meetings, an English tutor could be the best way to quickly and effectively master the language on your schedule.

Adjust to the culture

If you are a native English speaker who has lived abroad for numerous years, you may find it difficult to readjust to hearing English in everyday life. If people speak too fast for you to understand or use slang, using an online English tutor can speed up the learning process to integrate into society. 

Use Preply to perfect your English! 

It is imperative that those needing an English tutor find an online site that works for their needs, learning style, and schedule - luckily for you, we found just the site. Preply is an online language platform that features tours in various languages, such as Spanish, German, French, English, and many more. See more here if you’re looking for English tutors.

Preply makes it easy for you to choose when your lessons are during the week. With a calendar showing the availability of various tutors, you can decide which 30 minute or 10hour time slot will work with your crazy work or school schedule. 

Worried you won’t find an English tutor to suit your needs? Don’t fret - there are over 18,000 English tutors available on Preply! You can filter the results to native speakers, those with favorable reviews, availability during the week, learning styles, and specialties. 

If you need customized English learning for a specific purpose, you can filter the results by choosing between specialties like:

ACT English 
AP English
American English
Australian English
British English
Business English
Canadian English
Conversational English
English literature
English for beginners
English for children
English for professionals
English for traveling
For studying abroad
General English
Intensive English

Once you find the tutor perfect for you on Preply, let the fun begin! Schedule the first lesson on your own time with the easy online booking service. 


Whether you are a native English speaker who wants to reintegrate into society, a businessman who needs to perfect his grammar, or a student who needs extra help outside of the classroom, using an English tutor on Preply can be a great way to boost your English knowledge.