Keeping the house clean and fresh is always satisfying, but there are times when this can be a challenge, particularly when you don’t have the solution required for the particular mess that you’re dealing with. Keeping carpets clean is the bane of many home owners, so we figured we’d center today’s article around carpet cleaning.

Over the course of the article, we’re going to look at the four most efficient ways to help keep your carpet free of dirt, stains, and odors. Whether you’re dealing with sudden spills or you’re just sick of the dirt and grime that has been accumulating over time, one of these solutions may work for you.

Use Your Own Carpet Cleaner
By far, the most effective way to clean a carpet is by using the right products, and the most powerful carpet cleaning method is a carpet cleaner, sometimes also known as a steam cleaner. One of these machines can easily eat through stains and odors that have lodged themselves deep in your carpet.

Unfortunately, these products can be expensive, and if you’re not dedicated to keeping your carpet in tip top shape all the time, then they may not be worth the relatively steep investment. Carpet cleaners work so well because they combine either steam or water with detergent and soak this solution deep into the fibers of a carpet.

This ensures that stain removal progresses smoothly, and it’s probably the best method of carpet cleaning short of hiring a professional to do so. One of the downsides is that you’ll have to wait for the carpet to dry after cleaning it off, but most carpet cleaning methods will get at least some part of your carpet wet.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners to Clean the Mess
If you don’t have your own carpet cleaning equipment, then you can always get the job done by someone who specializes in the carpet cleaning process. These professionals will help keep your carpet clean by going over the area using their professional steam cleaning equipment.

These powerful cleaners are typically too expensive and advanced for a homeowner to realistically own, but they are extremely efficient. A team cleaner will ensure that pet dander, stains, and odors are cleaned and removed from even the deepest layers of your carpet.

However, due to the typical cost of carpet cleaning services, this may not be the best way to rectify something like a sudden spill, especially if you want to clean your carpet immediately. You’re better off hiring a professional cleaning service every year or so to give your carpet the deep cleaning it needs.

Deep Carpet Cleaning by Hand
If you don’t have any equipment and you don’t feel like paying the steep price for a professional carpet cleaning, then there are also ways to get deep-rooted stains out of your carpet by hand. Keep in mind that this will require a bit of work on your part, but it shouldn’t be too challenging.

You’ll need a brush and a few cleaning solutions, including the following:

Baking Soda

First, cover the area that you want to clean in salt and baking soda. While this is in the carpet, mix a bit of soap and water and distribute it over the area that you prepared. Leave it for a little while before you start brushing the carpet in a single direction.

After that, rotate your direction of scrubbing to get any stubborn dirt and pet dander out of the carpet. Finally, when the carpet is clean, you can dry off the area using an old rag or even paper towels. If you decide to use paper towels, ensure that they are strong enough not to disintegrate into the carpet.

Bonus: A Natural Way to Clean Your Carpet by Hand
If you’d rather use non-toxic ingredients to clean your carpet because you have pets or children in the house that may touch or lick the carpet, here’s an alternative approach to deep cleaning. This can also help if you’re particularly sensitive to the ingredients that are included in carpet cleaners.

Soda water is a great natural way to clean your carpet. Just put it in a spray bottle and spray it over the area of your carpet that has stains on it. Keep in mind that soda water will only work with specific dirt and stains, including blood and wine. Make sure you rub the soda water into the carpet to get the most out of the cleaning process.

Another natural approach to carpet cleaning is with white vinegar and a light detergent like dish soap. Combine the two with warm water and scrub it into the part of your carpet that needs cleaning with a stiff-bristled brush to ensure that you reach the deepest, dirtiest layers of the carpet.