Access to the Internet and a chic fashion sense are definitely enough for the Egirl aesthetic to take shape and link millions of young people around the world, enabling it to be both a fashion trend and, ultimately, a lifestyle. An Egirl is a person who loves being online, finds amusement and pleasure in the humorous and meme-worthy internet world, and acknowledges that one's beauty is the way that one sees oneself online. 

Following current fashion trends, embracing a specific self-perception, and maintaining a solid social media profile – all are ways to do this.

We also can distinguish some of the main types of an Egirl. There is the «Original» one, meaning that the major influence for this is the Tumblr aesthetic and its culture. It also can be compared to the Vaporwave aesthetic both in colour palettes and in the choice of pictures and concepts. The Goth one makes great use of dark colours (in make-up too), gloomy prints, huge accessories and overall darker and edgier imagery very close to the postpunk and grunge ones. The alternative Grunge Egirl style can be described as the New wave of Grunge – meaning that it avails oneself of modern outfit elements such as very minimal make-up yet paying tribute to all kinds of face and ear piercing. Chain accessories in this type can be combined with very cute and funny print on a sweatshirt or a hoodie emphasizing the unique vibe of this style.

E-girl fashion can be influenced by the skater, emo, or goth culture, anime of all sorts, K-pop, hip hop, or rap music, and even the rave aesthetic. Given the many factors on this particular theme, we may attempt to identify the most common features of an E-girl look. Classic fictional characters like Ramona Flowers, Harley Quinn, and Sailor Moon, can be assumed, inspired the development of the Egirl subculture. Considering shoes, for example, chunky combat boots, platform and high-heeled shoes, as well as sneakers and edgy shoes, are often seen in E-girl outfits as the main elements. They can include or be without any prints, high or low, with contrast stitching, or whatever else you like.

To be frank, the overall vibe entirely depends on the person and their needs – you can be any E-girl or E-boy you want as long as it is comfortable and empowering to you in some way. Remember that a fantastic Egirl aesthetic and look come from your creativity and enjoyment of the process.