Sneaking your partner away on romantic getaways and adventure-packed journeys is one of the many joys of nurturing a relationship. Our shared plans, goals, and dreams bring us closer and tie us in a unique bond held tightly by memories. Traveling is the best way to learn more about your partner and actively contribute to each other's personal growth. 

If this is your first trip with your partner, gear up to learn exciting new things about your significant other. Experiencing the adrenaline ruff before jumping off a rugged cliff or climbing a scary canyon will bring you closer. However, picking one destination out of hundreds of idyllic places is an overwhelming conundrum. Keep reading to explore our round-up of dreamy destinations to spice up your love affair with adventure and romance! 

Santorini, Greece

Instagram is always overflowing with newlyweds and honeymooners lovingly gazing at each other against the serene white-and-blue backdrop of Santorini. The ultimate romantic getaway, this Greek island is full of surprises and picturesque natural beauty. If tranquility is what you seek, Santorini will sweep you away with its ethereal charm and fantastical architecture. 

The rolling hills, primitive architecture, and coastal beauty of the island will have you hooked for days. You can explore the action-packed streets, reveling in the serene backdrop of chalky white walls and blue roofs. Santorini evenings are filled with music, classic Mediterranean cuisine, delicious wine, and mesmerizing sunsets. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park 

Here's a terrific destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers: the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Tucked away in East Tennessee, Smoky Mountains beckon honeymooners, romantics, and adventurers with its breathtaking natural beauty and endless adventurers. Gatlinburg is the ultimate destination for couples to lose themselves in the heart of the wilderness. You can also explore idyllic cabin rentals Gatlinburg TN that offer spectacular views and modern amenities for your comfort. 

You and your partner can explore the interconnected nature trails sprawled all across the region. The Smoky Mountains are brimming with rare flora and fauna, abundance of exquisite wildlife species, and scenic vistas. The region's shattering beauty will have a humbling effect, creating the perfect ambiance for romance and passion. 

With a bit of research, you can catch seasonal festivals or schedule rides and events at popular amusement parks. Be sure to treat your sweetheart to an exquisite dinner at the highly-acclaimed Greenbrier. 

Tanzania, Africa 

Africa is the ultimate treasure trove of natural beauty, wildlife explorations, and unraveling mysteries. If you're keen on undertaking a thrilling safari adventure, Tanzania is hands-down the best destination. Adventurer lovers will find themselves spoilt for choice when it comes to nature trails, water sports, and outdoor adventures. 

You can take up the enormous challenge of Mount Kilimanjaro and bond with your partner on this intimidating and exciting adventure. Tanzania is home to some of the most spectacular wildlife conversation sites and national parks. Driving through the lush landscape dominated by baobab trees, you and your partner will grow with a wealth of enriching experiences. For instance, you can spot a lion sprawled across a jeep track and dancing with locals from the Maasai tribe. 

Paris, France 

What better destination for a romantic vacation than the city of love itself? Paris is a timeless and ageless city, filled with the splendors of art, architecture, pastries, and romance. Imagine you and your partner capturing insta-worthy clicks in front of the Eiffel Tower. Taking dreamy cruises along the Seine River, fine-dining at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée, and professing your love at Pont des Arts. 

There is an abundance of adventure and joy to explore in Paris. You can enjoy delicious pastries and sugary treats while having romantic picnics in the lush gardens of the Luxembourg Palace. You simply cannot return without feasting your eyes on the architectural splendor of the Palace de Versailles. If you and your significant other enjoy theatre, opera, and jazz, Paris will undoubtedly keep you entertained. 

Bali, Indonesia 

Bali is a picturesque haven of self-healing, tranquility, and romance. Romantic couples flock to Bali to carve out inner-peace and serenity in the heart of nature. You can book a yoga retreat to take your partner on a rewarding journey of meditation, yoga, and self-improvement. Bali is a world-famous destination for meditation and yoga retreats. 

However, Bali isn't all about meditation, yoga, and hiking. The island is amazingly versatile and has a great deal to offer. The island is famous for its nightlife and party scene, and you can enjoy great beachside raves. In Bali, it's essential to find your scene with a bit of research. You can also explore Buddhist temples, monasteries, and shrines to explore Indonesian architecture. The island is also home to some of the most stunning white-sand beaches.


When planning a trip with your partner, it's crucial to avoid micromanaging and consult your partner every step of the way. Be sure to take their input on the destination, itinerary, and activities for the trip. You can always keep some element of surprise, but it's essential to account for your partner's interests and comforts. Don't force them to hike through a forest if they'd instead sip margaritas by the beach.