With everyone being forced inside their homes nowadays, it’s no surprise to hear that parents around the world have struggled to keep their kids entertained when trips away and days out aren’t an option. However, there’s actually endless ways of making sure children are kept busy and stimulated whilst at home, you just need to get creative. 

Pick one of these fun activities and rest assured your little ones will be entertained for hours, allowing you to get back to work or finally complete the chores you’ve been putting off for days!

Painting a picture
Painting may be a messy activity, but it’s certainly a fun one. Most importantly, getting creative is a great way of allowing your children to find what they’re good at and what they enjoy. To keep them occupied for a while, set up a kids-proof painting space, complete with a variety of paints and materials and a plastic sheet to restrict the mess. You could even invest in a paint-by-numbers set to teach them the basics of painting first. 

A scavenger hunt
Running around the backyard in a scavenger hunt was always one of the most exciting activities as a young explorer. Not only is it great for getting your kids outside in nature to breathe in some fresh air, but it’ll also help grow their sense of adventure in the most fun way possible. Start by hiding some treasure for them to find and then set up some clues to help them along the way. Your kids will be highly motivated to find the chosen treasure and they’ll get a great reward at the end too. 

Play a board game
Come Christmas time, your home will be filled with a variety of board games that might not ever be taken out of the box. Well, now is the time to set up one of the games and teach your kids something new. Whether it’s a game of Cluedo or something a little more complex, board games can be a great way of improving cognitive skills such as problem-solving and decision making. 

Build a fort
Building a fort was always a fun activity to do when you’re a bored youngster, so why not encourage your own kids to do the same. All you need to do is allocate some resources to make the fort such as bedsheets and empty boxes, and they’ll be entertained for hours. As their secret no-parents-allowed base, they’ll find some independence and be more likely to entertain themselves too. It might be a great space for a stay-at-home sleepover too. 

Let them help you
If you’re struggling to multitask your daily to-do’s and mind your children, perhaps one of the best ways to do both at the same time is to let them help you with whatever it is that you don’t have time for. Youngsters are naturally inquisitive, so allowing them to help out with your chores can both keep them occupied and teach them new life skills, whether it be completing the washing-up or potting some new plants.