Anyone who owns any pets knows pets are family, and there's nothing more important than them. Like we do with family, we like to celebrate milestones in our pet's lives as well, one of the most important landmarks being their birthday. We want to make sure they're well taken care of and have loads of fun on their birthday. Our dogs are spoiled, but their birthday is just another reason to spoil them. Here are some ways you can make your dog's birthday special.

Throw them a party (make it a surprise)
The type of party you throw for your dog really just depends on your dog themselves. If your dog is social, invite their doggie buddies over. If your dog is not social, that's okay. You can just invite close family members to the birthday. You don't want to overwhelm your dog by inviting too many unfamiliar people. It is always good to start small. You can have a buffet of your dog's favorite meals and desserts, and as party favors, their doggie friends could get goodie (or should I say doggie) bags filled with treats and chew toys.

Pick out a cute outfit for your dog.
If your dog does not like wearing clothes, this one is not for them. If your dog does like dressing up, then keep reading. You could also go the extra mile and take your dog out shopping and let them choose their outfits, or you could just pick up a pretty outfit for them and dress them up for their special day. Throw in a birthday cap in the mix, and there you have an excellent doggie all dressed up for their birthday

Doggie spa day
Everyone wants to be clean and tidy for their birthday. Take your dogs to the vet or just shower them at home. Trim their coat and trim their nails as well. Brush through their fur and put their favorite doggie perfume on them to get them ready for their birthday. You don't want the birthday dog to be dirty and stinky on their birthday. You can also fill the bathtub with warm water, throw in a dog-friendly bathroom or bubble bath and chill in the bathroom with your dog. You can also include doggie yoga in your dog's spa day to get them to stretch and relax for their birthday.

Let your dog call the shots for the day.
What else does a dog want, other than wanting to do whatever they want-and belly rubs? Look for shops and restaurants near you that allow pets and take your dogs out. Let them sniff around and choose what they want. Take them to your nearest Starbucks to get them a classic puppuccino(every dog loves those), to dairy queen for a fantastic pup cup, or In-N-Out for their famous Pup Patty. Let them take control and get to do everything they love. Watch how happy they get as their tails wag vigorously.

Bake some goodies for our doggies
What's a birthday with nothing sweet involved? Try finding a bakery that makes pupcake (dog-friendly cake) or cookies and gets a bunch of those for your dog. Make them wear a cap and light the candles as you would on any birthday. If there is no bakery near you, you can always look up dog-friendly ingredients to bake a cake of your own. You can find a dog cookie cutter to make some adorable cookies for your dog. There are some great recipes for peanut butter treats, doggie birthday cakes, and easy cupcakes online.

Make some pupsicles
Look for delicious pupsicle recipes online and make some for your dog on their birthday. There are many variations available when it comes to popsicles. You can make broth pupsicles or peanut butter pupsicles. Whatever you make, be sure to include your dog's favorite ingredients. Pupsicles are also a great way to cool down on a hot day, so if your dog's birthday is in the summers, pupsicles are the way to go. These are also great for any sort of party you would be throwing for your dog for their doggie buddies.

Take your dog out swimming.
Most dogs love taking a dip in the swimming pool, especially on a hot summer day. If you have a pool in your backyard then, throw a pool party for your dog and the doggie gang to enjoy. To avoid anything terrible happening, never ever push or pull your dog into the water as they might panic. Make sure to check the temperature of the pool before you let your dog in it. Also, pack in a doggy life vest since not all dogs can swim.

Take your dog out for an adventure.
All dogs love adventure. Prepare a picnic, go trekking or hiking with your dog, or take your dog to the beach and play fetch with them. Take them camping with you and stay a night in the woods, cuddle with them next o a campfire, and let them enjoy nature and the outdoors on their birthday. You can teach your dogs tricks such as jumping over branches when they are hiking with you.

Doggie game day
Make a list of the games your dog loves to play, such as fetch, hide and seek, tug of war, and a scavenger hunt. Take them to their favorite park so that they can meet all their doggie buddies while also playing their favorite games with their owners. Dress and groom your dog up so they can feel neat and tidy while running around with their friends.

Wrap the gift
One of the struggles of having a dog is the minute anything that they can tear falls to the ground, and your dog is there to tear it into shreds, be it your homework or even just a tissue. Let them fulfill their need to tear things apart by tearing off the wrapping paper to get their birthday gift.