Do you have an anniversary coming up and would like to surprise your significant other? Or maybe your wife is having a birthday next week, and you would like to make the occasion more memorable? If so, you need a gift idea that will make your significant other love you even more.

In case you have been struggling to come up with something great yourself, use the list of ideas below. 

Custom Merchandise

Custom merchandise has been growing in popularity quite a lot recently. Instead of getting designer clothes that cost hundreds of dollars, people rather purchase wacky t-shirts with a unique design and use them to wear daily or during a particular occasion. 

Of course, it is not just custom t-shirts that are popular. Products like custom unisex fabric backpacks, facemasks, hoodies, caps, and even custom-made stickers have their demographics. 

Think about the interests of your wife and figure out what she would like. For instance, if she loves animals, perhaps a funny-looking t-shirt with a cute dog or a cat would work? Or maybe a calendar with different animals for each month?

A Gift Card

It is no secret that younger people like to shop online because of the convenience. In fact, 60% of millennials (ages 22 to 37) in 2019 preferred to shop online. If you and your significant other are still young, you most likely fall in this category.

A gift card might not sound like that great of an idea, but it could work to your advantage. After all, it is difficult to predict exactly what another person needs. Sometimes, it is better to let them decide and give yourself some peace of mind. Besides, most online stores offer gift cards, so finding one should not be an issue. 


A book is a nice present, especially if the recipient is someone who loves to read. Your wife might have been looking forward to the next work from her favorite author. You could surprise her by being the one who purchases it.

An e-reader is also something worth considering. Kindles are quite popular, and they provide a minimalistic alternative to reading hardcover books. 


Another idea that might sound cliche, but most women love jewelry, especially if it was a gift from someone they love. Be it rings, bracelets, pendants, or necklaces, if you have a taste of these things or know someone who could help you pick an outstanding piece of jewelry for your wife, you will not go wrong.

The price might be high, but there is no need to get something from a world-renowned brand and spend thousands of dollars. No, jewelry will work as a gift even if it costs less than a hundred dollars and comes from an indie artist who hand-made it themselves. 


If you want something out-of-the-box, give Bacon Roses which you can easily purchase by visiting These flowers for men are a bouquet of maple candied bacon roses.

Your wife must have her favorite flowers. If so, you will not go wrong getting her a bouquet of flowers. 

The bouquet could come with another gift for an even greater effect, but flowers are powerful by themselves as well. Besides, if you are not in the habit of buying your significant other flowers often, it will be a nice surprise. And who knows, by doing it once, you may end up doing it more frequently and showing your appreciation for the person you are spending your life with. 


Perfume. There are various perfume manufacturers, meaning that you may struggle to pick what your wife likes. Asking her directly might not be an option because you want to make your gift a surprise. 

If you are set on getting perfume as a present, spend some time reading reviews on the internet. Or, as an alternative, get in touch with some of your wife’s friends and ask them for a piece of advice. Other women ought to know these things better than you.

It may seem like too much of a hassle to buy a present, but if you want to impress your significant other, then you will need to put in some effort.

New Smartphone

If your wife has had the same smartphone for many years, it might be time to get her a new one. New smartphone models get released every year, meaning that you do not have to go for the most recent model because it is too expensive. Something from last year might do as well.

If your wife likes to take pictures, spend time socializing with friends on communication platforms, or even play mobile games, a new device will boost her overall experience. 


To sum it all up, there are multiple gift ideas you could consider for your significant other. Ultimately, it comes down to what your wife enjoys and what your budget is like. 

At the same time, it is the gesture that counts the most, so what you get might not matter that much in the end.