For millennia, Egypt has been an advanced civilization of the earth, which comes up with ancient buildings, a rich culture and human diversity - paired with beautiful nature. Already because of the high density of sights, the fascinating history of Egypt and the mythology of the pharaohs, the North African state has become a versatile holiday destination. Human history was written in Egypt and we still benefit today from the developments of the ancient Egyptian civilizations.

In terms of area, Egypt is about three times the size of Germany and offers a wide range of very different sights for every type of traveler - regardless of whether you are a bathing traveler, archaeological enthusiast or simply curious who want to get to know the country. The buildings are fascinating, the legacies of the ancient pharaohs cast a spell, and everyone should see the wonderful underwater world of the Red Sea. The country surely amazes everyone.

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The top sights of Egypt
To be clear, Egypt has so many highlights and attractions that it is difficult to pick out the things that everyone should see.

The Giza pyramids
They probably appear first in the mind's eye when it comes to Egypt, as they are the classic symbol of the country. It is the last remaining ancient wonder of the world and is made up of the Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinos pyramids. Directly in front of the pyramid field is the sphinx, which is supposed to guard the pyramids.

Luxor and the temple landscape
The South Egyptian "city of palaces" impresses with its many temples, the most famous is the mortuary temple Hatshepsut, but the Karnak temple is also beautiful. In Luxor there is also an important Luxor Museum, in which the temple complexes are examined more closely and explained.

Valley of the Kings
The Valley of the Kings as the cemetery of the Egyptian kings is shrouded in legend and legend. In almost 100 graves that were richly filled with grave goods. In Thebes, which exists today under the name Luxor, in 1922 the tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered there, which is so unparalleled. Other architectural masterpieces in temple construction can also be admired there in all their glory.

Museum landscapes
The library in Alexandria, which was founded as early as the 3rd century BC, stores old papyrus rolls that are of inestimable value. In the capital, on the other hand, the Cairo Museum, which houses the largest ancient Egyptian collection in the world and is one of the most important sights in Egypt.

The Red Sea
The Red Sea with the popular seaside resort of Hurghada is particularly interesting for those who want to go on a beach holiday. In addition to swimming, it is worth diving into the Red Sea to view the unique marine landscape.

In addition to these places mentioned, there is much more to see and do in Egypt. Do yourself a favor and see for yourself what things interest you and what additional factors should be on your travel plan.

Considerable factors for a trip to Egypt
Anyone who goes to Egypt comes into a completely different environment. Egypt is strictly conservative and Muslim. What the vacationers - especially the women - should consider in order not to step into a faux pas, stipulate the behavioral guidelines. In Egypt, no alcohol is allowed to be drunk in public, women should not dress too revealingly when they are out and about, and couples should also hold back as much as possible when it comes to exchanging caresses.

If you want to buy a souvenir or a memento in Egypt, you should not accept the seller's price quoted first. For the Egyptians, bargaining is an integral part of buying and you should participate for two reasons: to respect the Egyptian trader and to pay less.