With Mother’s Day approaching in the US, Australia, and many countries around the world, the idea of Mother’s Day gifts becomes an important quest. Ideally, you want a gift that really expresses your appreciation to her and the thought you’ve put into it. Whilst flowers and chocolates are a great way to do this, searching for a more unique gift can score you extra son or daughter points for being all the more thoughtful.

Printed mug

Being a shop centered around family gift ideas, Giftza is an appropriate place to start. Giftza has a wide selection of family gifts that are appropriate for Mother’s Day, with the printed mugs perhaps being the best catch - this will be the mug you routinely refill throughout Mothering Sunday! 

With over 1,000 items for mother’s day, you’ll be sure to find the mug that expresses exactly what you want to say. Alternatively, there are more general family gifts ideas that can be enjoyed by everyone and become a decorative piece of the home.

Celebrity Video Message

Platforms hosting celebrity video messages are becoming bigger and bigger, meaning more celebrities are signing up. These platforms are essentially an agency that helps everyday people connect with their favorite TV stars and sportsmen. Users can pay for a short personalized video message, even with their own written script, for the celebrity to read out on camera.

This can be an amazing surprise gift for Mother’s Day, especially whilst this isn’t mainstream yet. Prices range depending on who the celebrity is, with Floyd Mayweather being close to $1000 for one video message, though most stars are around the $50 price mark.

Afternoon classes

It’s common that moms have a dream of indulging in a certain skill but not having enough time for it. For example, afternoon pottery, baking, or French classes can be a great gift to receive as it’s something they would never take the plunge on themselves. 

These gifts are recurring too, offering invaluable experiences over the weeks. Alternatively, it can be just a one-off class if money is an issue. Just remember that you have to relieve the anxiety that comes with it, perhaps by offering to run errands on the day of the class or babysit a sibling to make it happen!


Candles are a common present for Mother’s Day, but you can go a step further by gifting an electronic diffuser. These can be more aesthetically pleasing than old ordinary diffusers, and they chuck out more scent. 

Having a nice smelling home couldn’t be a more appropriate Mother’s Day gift, seeing as it centers around the home. It can also become a valued ornament too, with wood-vanished bases or multicolored LED displays. Various oils often accompany the gift too, so you’re not just restricted to one scent.  

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, you want to be on-time with your meaningful gift. The above offers some unique gift ideas, but the most important thing is to express your love and appreciation; be it through a sentimental mug or a bouquet of flowers.