For most of 2020, the clarion call was for everyone to shelter in place and observe social distancing. Families all around the world were separated and no longer had the pleasure of visits, christenings, weddings, or potlucks. Even now as vaccines begin to be administered, there is still an abundant need for caution as no nation is fully out of the woods yet.

In light of this, hosting family during a pandemic may sound entirely unsafe and unreasonable. However, the truth is, millions of people have lost their sources of income and are no longer able to make ends meet. As a result, short of ending up homeless, some have had to seek shelter with extended family or move back home with their parents.

It is this set of unique circumstances that necessitates a discussion on how to handle hosting in these incomparable times. Read on for tips.

Make a Transition Plan

Hosting anyone in your home for an extended period is a significant adjustment for all parties involved. Add the rigors of Covid-19 to that and it gets even trickier. The goal of a transition plan is to help make the adjustment a bit less bumpy.

A transition plan can be created any way you see fit. It could be a phone call, a chat, or a virtual meeting. The idea is simply to establish when the person(s) would move in, where they would stay in your home, what you can offer them, and for how long. This would also be an opportune time to share any house rules you have and how you hope to share tasks or bills.

Most importantly, make an effort to plan how your guests can get tested before they move in. In instances where this is impossible for whatever reason, consider discussing them quarantining when they arrive. These steps would be fundamental for your safety.

Preparing Guest Rooms


Preparing guest rooms is ordinarily hinged on hospitality and keeping your guest comfortable. Given everything that has happened in the past year, this is something you should try to uphold. Fresh linens and a scented candle, if you have one to spare, could make a world of difference for your loved one. 

In addition to this, privacy and personal space would be essential for your guest. Where possible, and especially if they are required to quarantine, assign them a personal room. You could, perhaps, review this arrangement if necessary further into their stay. Unused space like a garage or a clean well-insulated attic could also be transformed into a bedroom. Visit Guyabouthome for more bedroom decor ideas.

Developing a Check-In Routine

One of the running jokes during most of this pandemic has been that coming home is akin to returning from war. It is recommended that you take off and dispose of your mask, take off your clothes, and sanitize before interacting with others in the home. If you have groceries to bring in as well, may the odds ever be in your favor. Coming home truly is not as easy as it once was.

For starters, if you have not been following these protocols, it is advisable that you start. Unless of course, you have had the vaccine shot. Further, ensure that your guest takes up this check-in routine too. It will count for naught if you are doing it and they are not. Consider getting a bulk supply of sanitizer to accommodate the needs of your expanded household. Check out for pocket-friendly sanitizer supply options.