There is no denying the fact that our physical and mental wellbeing are inextricably linked. When we feel stressed, we become sick – when we are tired, we feel moody and despondent. The list of examples goes on. As such, if you want to see one improve, you need to work on the other, too. 

For instance, you might find it quite difficult to relieve your depressive symptoms if you haven’t left the house in days for fresh air. Of course, we acknowledge that mental health makes even the easiest tasks (brushing your teeth, pulling yourself out of bed, eating lunch) feel impossible. Therefore, we thought we would focus on simple tips which might help you to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Here they are:

1.) Eating Regularly

We need food to function because it is our primary energy source. Without enough food to power our bodies, we become weak and fatigued. This makes it very difficult to upkeep other habits which can help you build towards a healthier lifestyle. As such, one of the very most important things for people to do is eat regularly. That means consuming 3 meals a day and having some snacks in between. Most people skip breakfast, but this results in them lacking energy. Skipping meals also means you are missing out on the opportunity to give your body the nourishment it needs. So, we recommend eating regularly and intuitively; paying careful attention to what your body wants. For instance, if you feel weak and fatigued, you may be hungry.

2.) Seek Support

Loneliness is one of the most common symptoms among those with depression. The reason why loneliness is so profound is because it stems from one of our oldest instincts. Humans are social creatures – we gather in packs to ensure our survival. We need contact and comfort as much as we need food or water. To start leading a happier lifestyle, it is incredibly important to seek out support. If you have friends and family, reach out to them; if you feel you have nobody around, put yourself in contact with professionals who can look after you and set you on the right tracks. Online therapy is a popular option these days because it is an easier and more accessible way to gain the support you need.

3.) Go Outside

The last thing anybody struggling with mental illness wants to do is leave their bed. But we aren’t supposed to be indoors all day; our bodies crave fresh air, sunlight, exercise. Being deprived of these things is enough to make anybody – even the ‘happiest’ person alive – miserable and unwell. Therefore, attempt to force yourself outside. The days that you feel least up to it are the days that you most need to try.

We hope this advice has been helpful. Though it is designed to be easy and implementable, don’t beat yourself up if you can’t achieve these things. Some days simply feel harder than others, and that’s okay.

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