Newborn clothing needs to be comfortable for at-home activities or when you take your healthy newborn outside for a walk. But what are the best clothes for newborns? Based on our own experience, here are the best kinds of newborn clothing that you should get for your little one’s wardrobe.

Onesies should be in your baby’s wardrobe within their first few months. You should note that most stores call this kind of clothing bodysuits .This kind of clothes is an infant’s one-piece close-fitting lightweight garment, usually having sleeves while leaving the legs uncovered and fastened with snaps at the crotch. The snap closure prevents onesies from hiking up and exposing the babies’ bellies. It also makes changing diapers much easier for new-to-be moms and dads. 

Onesies are often made from cotton,making them flexible and comfortable for your babies. They hold up very well in the wash, last forever, and are stretchy around the neck and shoulders, which allows for easy on and off. Unless you live in a warm climate, long-sleeved onesies are highly recommended to keep your baby’s little arms warm. You should have several onesies for each stage of your baby’s development.
Pants, and Leggings
Pants for newborns are specifically made to be soft and stretchy, along with double leg elastics that gently surround your baby’s legs, which makes baby’s movement much easier while offering a secure fit. Leggings are also a great option for newborns as they offer a high level of flexibility while keeping your baby comfortable.

Like onesies, rompers/jumpsuits are also one-piece clothing that can be put on and taken off easily even when your baby is asleep. Thanks to convenient snaps located at the back and in the bottom, these items are put on quickly, thus offering a minimum discomfort to a baby. All in all, rompers are one-pieces that can be put on as they are without the need to put pants or extra shirts on.

Nowadays, rompers mostly belong to summer outfits. In most stores, they are often sold with short sleeves and short legs. But in spring/autumn collections, you can still find rompers with longer sleeves and even longer legs. Rompers usually resemble one-piece garments worn by adults. For example, among the variety of newborn girl rompers, you can find those that resemble festive dresses with fancy ruffs, collars, embroidery. However, the pattern and styles on them are often more adorable than the adult’s version. 

Let’s be honest, your baby is not going to stand up on their own and run around soon but shoes and shocks are still necessary to keep their little toes warm. Our hands and feet consist of blood vessels, which are vital in regulating body temperature. This is one of the reasons you might feel hot when wearing socks during the night or experiencing a cool-down when you stick one foot out from under the covers. And there’s no difference in a baby’s body. So keeping your newborn’s toes and feet covered, especially when they’re on a stroll outside,  can help their body temperature stay normal.

Plus, adorable little baby shoes can be mixed and matched with different pieces to pull together a cute outfit.
The Most Important Things When Selecting Newborns Clothing
No matter what kind of clothing you are getting for your newborns, you should make sure that your baby’s clothes are comfortable, soft, easy for everyday use. For example, onesies that can be stretched and include a zip or snap closure can make dressing your baby quick and easy. They’re also extremely convenient for diaper changing.

Clothes made from cotton are a really great choice. Cotton clothes will keep your baby cooler when it’s hot than clothes made from synthetic fibers. This material also washes well and it’s gentle against your baby’s sensitive skin
It’s also important to look out for clothes with a low fire hazard label. And last but not least, you should avoid buying newborn clothes with beading, threads, ties, drawstrings, and attachments. These can be choking risks and strangulation or suffocation risks.