As soon as the Internet, email and chats hit our world, many people were horrified and said that people would soon stop communicating in person! But, fortunately, this did not happen. Rather, virtual communication has much more advantages. It is especially convenient that virtual dating sites are being replaced by similar mobile applications that are always in your pocket and ready to hand.

According to research, over 320 million people today use various applications for meeting new partners; online dating that eventually turns into marriages is becoming more and more popular every day. The popularity of dating apps, websites, and platforms in the world is breaking new ground.

We can take dating apps whatever we want, but we shouldn't ignore them. First, it's a great way to have fun. And second, no matter how weird it may sound, they are a real chance to meet your love in our age of apathetic millennials.

There are already a large number of different dating services in the world. Each of them has its own unique feature. However, not so long ago, a new application was developed; it combines all the advantages of other platforms into one whole! Please meet – Flirtini – a dating app that helps its users meet their basic needs according to Maslow's Hierarchy.

Safety Needs

User safety is one of the top priorities for application developers. All users’ photos, videos, stories, streams, and personal data remain incognito due to the application’s special technologies. The user does not need to worry about being a scam victim. No one can take screenshots of the user's screen or record his videos. All communication is only with real people.

Love & Belonging Needs

Artificial intelligence algorithms help to select only those candidates that best suit the user. They can be united by common interests, hobbies, goals in life and much more. Partners can exchange messages, personal video calls in order to meet later in real life. The user can also search for a partner by himself using special search filters.

Self-Esteem Needs

Flirtini allows its users to share stories, video streams, and photos all over the world. Moreover, the application gives freebies to those who complete certain quests and tasks. And the most active users can get unique rewards!

Self-Actualization Needs

The application also has its own leaderboard. The most popular and active users can become leaders and get even more attention from other people.

The most important Flirtini platform’s task is to unite like-minded people because this is especially important during a pandemic when real meetings are very limited. Special service technologies, anti-fraudulent protection, complete privacy, and artificial intelligence that help to choose the most suitable partner make Flirtini one of the best in its field.

For those who want to find their soulmate, spend an evening with someone nice or just have fun, the application is available at