Not too long ago, gossip magazines would constantly be abuzz about who may (or may not) have had plastic surgery. Before and after pictures of a hot celeb would be posted with a caption, “Did they go under the knife?”

The celeb would vehemently deny that they underwent any procedures because it was taboo back then. But that has changed. Today, modern celebrities talk about their plastic surgeries openly. Many of them even talk about it matter-of-factly, like they’re discussing a new exercise routine or skin cream.

This is impacting the way that society, as a whole, looks at plastic surgery. A recent survey revealed that about 49% of respondents would be open to getting their first plastic surgery. Meanwhile, a similar survey in 2014 found that only about 17% of respondents were open to the idea, and about 49% were flatly opposed to it.

People have stopped asking, “Who would actually get rhinoplasty?” They’re now Googling, “How much does rhinoplasty cost in my area.”

Celebrities are leading a global shift in attitudes. Here’s how.

The New Face of Plastic Surgery
People used to associate plastic surgery with vanity. Now, they’re associating it with empowerment.
There are countless people that get plastic surgery to help them deal with something they’re insecure about—and maybe even something they’ve been bullied about for years.

For example, fitness mega star Jillian Michaels speaks very candidly about the decision she made to get a nose job in her teens. She had been bullied about her nose for years, so she got a procedure that changed her life for the better.

Real, Not Fake
Another old stigma that has died recently is the antiquated idea that plastic surgery was in any way fake. Today, however, celebrities that talk openly about their struggles to look their best are seen as real and refreshingly sincere.

People like Cardi B have been celebrated for their honesty. She told her critics that her role as an entertainer is a “24/7 job” and that she has no time to work out.

How many busy people can relate to this?

More Natural-Looking Results
The fake-ness stigma is also being killed by the simple fact that plastic surgery results no longer look fake.
Women are no longer getting giant breast implants like Pamela Anderson had in the mid 1990s. They’re getting more modest and natural-looking breast implants that move and feel like ordinary breasts.

There are about 300,000 breast enhancement surgeries in North America every year, and it’s the most popular plastic surgery. It’s not just for actresses and models anymore. The results are now being enjoyed by doctors, teachers, lawyers, and women in every other industry.

Celebrities used to dodge questions (or straight-up lie) about their plastic surgeries. But society, as a whole, has grown up. We’re now able to talk about plastic surgery as a real means of self-improvement, as more real people get it every single day.

Plastic surgery no longer needs to be a secret.