The birthday of one of your family members, friend or colleague is approaching and you want to offer him a flower arrangement? But you don't want a bunch of flowers like any other! Honor this person by offering them a beautiful present worthy of your love or friendship. 

Giving flowers for a birthday is a tradition that has gone on for years and is still very much appreciated. For this special occasion, we advise you to choose a floral, sparkling, refined and irresistible birthday gift. We deliver below our 3 best ideas for a Birthday Flower Arrangements.

Celebrating a birthday is synonymous with joy, love and mirth. What could be better than offering a pop, colorful and vitamin bouquet? This is the perfect opportunity to choose bright and vibrant colors. To accompany this beautiful moment, the punchy style is perfect. Red, pink, white, orange, yellow, purple or even blue, combine the colors as you wish. Be creative and dare to combine pastel or flashy colors. Your festive composition will attract attention!

Concerning the varieties, bet on roses, peonies, lisianthus, hydrangeas or lilies. These flowers symbolize the joy of living and are also refined and elegant. They therefore lend themselves perfectly to this event. Compose your bouquet with foliage such as baby's breath, eucalyptus or ferns to flesh out the creation. This atypical and original composition will cause a sensation with its recipient!

If the combination of extravagant colors doesn't suit you, you can always go for a more neutral and simple bouquet. Dried flowers bloom again in our trendy interiors. They have recently been at the forefront of trends! These magnificent vintage creations have won over nature lovers. They bring a rustic, bohemian and romantic touch. It's the perfect gift for fans of the Kinfolk spirit: a minimalist, green, wild and natural interior design style. On our online store you can order dried flowers in various styles, shapes, varieties and colors. Here are some compositions:

Uncluttered round bouquets of branchy roses, pampas, mimosa or even Delphinium;
Delicate floral creations assembled in pretty ceramic pots;
Elegant assortments of pink, white or yellow dried flowers.

Choose this style of bouquet to celebrate the birth of your other half, a loved one, friend or colleague who appreciates nature, simplicity and minimalism. This sumptuous trendy and refined creation is sure to please! In addition, unlike classic bouquets, this one will not be ephemeral. It will brighten up the interior of its recipient for many years.
To give a loved one even more unique birthday flowers, you can personalize the bouquet. Give extra attention by adding gifts: a box of chocolate, macaroons, a souvenir photo, a bottle of champagne, a candle or a vase. Accompany the floral creation with a small card and write your most beautiful birthday wishes.

You can compose the bouquet according to the personal tastes of its recipient. Do not hesitate to ask him his favorite colors or inquire about his dress style as well as his home decoration so as not to make mistakes. Depending on the age, the style of composition may also vary. Some prefer an original composition with bright hues. Others like more traditional and sophisticated bouquets. This tailor-made gift will prove your affection and esteem for him. He will be delighted with your personal involvement in finding him a unique present.