52% of people are dissatisfied with their appearance according to the data of an independent anonymous survey. When being asked to rate their noses, only 18% of respondents gave a score of 7 on a scale from 1 to 10. The average rate is 5.5. This means that many people are only half satisfied with their nose. 

Incomplete satisfaction with their appearance including the nose, led to a great demand for plastic surgery. More than 700,000 nose job surgeries are performed in the world annually. Among the leading countries for rhinoplasty are Turkey, Mexico, South Korea, and Poland.

Nose job: the surgery overview  

Rhinoplasty is a trendy plastic surgery with both functional & aesthetic goals. The procedure can be recommended by a doctor in cases of congenital or post-traumatic deformities of the nose, or nasal breathing disorders.

Aesthetic indications for rhinoplasty are:

saddle nose
dorsal hump
hooked nose
bulbous nose tip
excessive nasal length
nasal wings asymmetry
nasal flaring.

But in any case, the procedure is complicated, so only a highly qualified surgeon with long-term practical experience can help to achieve the desired result and perfect nose shape.

Best places for rhinoplasty

Due to the high demand and delicacy of performance, rhinoplasty surgery is not cheap. So making rhino in foreign countries, where the price policy is lower, is a very tempting offer. The price is important but also you should pay attention to the quality of medical services in each particular medical center. 

According to the independent ranking of bookimed.com (platform for choosing clinics worldwide), the best facial plastic surgeons practice in:

Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center, Turkey 

4,000 people, especially from the UK, Spain, Germany, and Italy choose this clinic each year. Istanbul Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center is considered one of the best places for rhinoplasty in Turkey conforming to patient reviews. 100% of patients are satisfied with medical services in this facility.     

Dr. Arturo Munoz Meza Plastic Surgery, Mexico

Situated in Tijuana, the medical center is the top choice for a nose job in Mexico among Americans. The clinic has three quality accreditations that guarantee excellent services. Two of them are issued by the US organizations — the American Society of Plastic Surgeons & International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Rhinoplasty here is performed by a highly skilful specialist with 21 years of experience — Dr. Arturo Muñoz Meza.

JK Plastic Surgery Center, South Korea

The center is established in Seoul — the world’s plastic surgery center. Rhinoplasty seekers from 100 countries, especially Sweden and Canada choose JK. The clinic is one of the leading facilities for a nose job in South Korea and provides premium-class services that affect the price increase. JK Center is the only Korean plastic surgery clinic that has accreditation from the Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare for patient safety and care. 

KCM Clinic, Poland

The medical center is a comprehensive Polish facility located 90 km away from Wroclaw. However, the plastic surgery clinic that works on the premises of KCM is one of the best places for rhinoplasty in Poland. This destination is not as popular with international patients as Mexico or Turkey, however, 700 people choose KCM each year. The medical center is well-known by patients from the UK, Iceland, Germany, and other European states. 
How to arrange rhinoplasty abroad? 

To go abroad for rhinoplasty, you need to make several steps:

1. Analyze rhino clinics — find out all the necessary information about the clinic and the doctor, ask what methods are used, get detailed information about prices and the postoperative period.
2. Determine your choice — choose the best clinic and doctor.
3. Take a photo of your nose — the doctor can assess the scope of further work and say the exact cost of the operation.
4. Book the time and date for rhinoplasty, buy tickets for the selected date.
5. Go for treatment, get the nose of your dream and share your experience with others.

In fact, it's quite difficult to do it all by yourself. That’s why many patients prefer to contact special services, where the team helps with the clinic selection and booking. One of such services is Bookimed. The key point of this platform is the opportunity to contact medically-trained specialists. They will help you choose the best clinic and doctor, guide you on prices and explain innovative methods in detail and for free. There are over 600 clinics in 32 countries on the platform so far.