Canopy tents are used for a wide range of purposes, including planning a wedding event, a business gathering, corporate party, parking a vehicle at an event venue, and so on. Considering a canopy tent is an ideal alternative to building a shed outdoors for such needs.

Different types of canopies

Instant pop-up canopy

As the name suggests, these pop-up canopies are quick and easy to install. These are also called instant canopies, highly user-friendly, and can be set up and dismantled easily by anyone. These types of canopies are also lightweight and stay compact in the collapsed form. These properties make pop-up canopies easy to transport to any venue. However, on the other hand, this lightweight configuration may also make such canopies less durable and susceptible to adverse weather conditions over time.

Commercial canopies

Commercial canopies are usually custom printed canopies, which you can see at conventions and trade shows. A canopy tent is also a must for the vendors who sell on the temporary farmers' market or craft fair. A basic commercial canopy tent may only take a very little space and usually come with wheeled bags or rollers for easy transportation.

Party canopies

Like its small-sized counterparts, party canopies also come suitable for various weather conditions such as sunlight or heavy rains, etc., to protect that inside. For parties, you need to consider the number of guests to decide the canopy size and the factors what all activities you are planning to conduct inside or whether you serve food inside the tent, etc. Based on the requirements, choose to add windows, walls, or decorative elements like curtains or a screened-in gazebo and more.

Storage canopies

Another major commercial use of a canopy is as an outdoor storage space. These are identified by many as a perfect place to store tools like lawnmowers, fencing materials, garage tools, and so on. Such storage canopies have a very strong steel construction, which is highly rip-resistant with waterproof covering. Covering of heavy-duty storage canopies can also withstand UV rays and have anti-fungal and anti-aging agents coated.

Carport canopies

As discussed in the introduction, you can double up a canopy to protect your vehicle outdoors at a campsite, cabin, or in the backyard of your home. There are a specialized carport and garage canopies, which are the perfect choice for this. Carport canopies come with strong steel frames, weather resistance features, and heavy anchors to ensure that it is not moving, and the zipped doors will help keep the frost off the windshields.

One major consideration to make while buying or custom is making a canopy tent is the size you need for all these purposes. First, do a though ground study to know the dimensions of the place and take appropriate measures of the area you want to install the canopy tent. You may also assess the climatic conditions and purpose for which you install the canopy. With all the information in hand, it will be much easier for you to choose the appropriate canopy with matching size, material, custom print or not, and other characteristics as you need.