It is easy to buy a fan for your living room. You know what you are looking for (it is almost always a ceiling fan), you know its benefits, and you go and buy it. 

However, choosing a fan for smaller rooms is not as much of a doddle. Usually, a ceiling fan does not cut it, and it is necessary to find an alternative that does the job and does it well.

The question, however, is - Would you go for aesthetics or performance? 

Image Courtesy: Luminous
You can choose from wall fans or table fans. To see which one fits best into your home, let us break each one down.

Wall Mounted Fans:
Wall fans are strategically mounted on a wall to provide you with air concentrated in a specific location, as the name implies. This may be your bed, desk, dining table, or some other part of the room where you spend most of your time.

Wall-mounted fans do far more than that. They can assist with the cross-ventilation of the air in a room if properly positioned, making it suitable for smaller spaces. Reputable brands like Luminous offer a huge range of wall fans. Their wall fan price is also affordable so that it does not burn a hole in the pocket.

Table Fans:
For those who do not like the concept of permanency and prefer portability instead, table fans are a great option. If your space is, let us say, versatile, multi-functional, and quick to transfer, table fans are perfect for you.

Such fans need less maintenance, save a lot of energy, and are also light in weight, making it much easier to move them from one place to another as needed.

Let Us Explore the Fundamental Differences Between the Two: -

Wall fans oscillate in specific directions and circulate air in one direction at a time. Generally, wall fans are underestimated and not talked about. Table fans pump air too, but instead of going down, they drive it outward. In the space where they are installed, wall-mounted fans force air around. In the case of table fans, there is more focused circulation.

Each fan's design and function depends on the brand from which you buy it. In terms of functioning, brands like Luminous provide some of the best wall fans and table fans with the best performance. There are brands that offer a comprehensive selection of fans with cost-effective wall fan price.

Usage: -
Both are equally beneficial in terms of use, but it depends on the space available. A table fan works just fine for a small space where you need to circulate air only in one direction. You should add wall fans in areas like kitchen where the temperature gets too humid.

These days, the emphasis is on getting a power-saving fan that saves energy and saves the money spent on the energy bills.

There are incredible wall fans available online that provide sufficient air circulation and are mainly used in small rooms and office lounges. They are highly affordable, and people usually choose them for rooms, wide halls, etc. One of the most popular model by this brands is Luminous Mojo Plus, which is available in both 300 mm and 400 mm. It is ideal for all room sizes. Another popular model is Lumious Speed Max Wall Fan. It is lightweight and an outstanding secondary cooling. With a wide size, cool colour choice and ultra premium finish, this is one of the best wall fans by Luminous. The question we hoped to answer was to choose or not to choose between table fans and wall fans. For a better cooling experience, check out a wide variety of Luminous fans. You can get great offers on wall fan prices online.