Does every business need a custom logo? Is it possible to do without it in today's world of marketing and social media, when our consumers and potential clients can rarely be surprised? If you are a professional in your field, you can't do without a logo. A logo is the face of a company. A good logo reflects the essence of the business and evokes certain emotions. A memorable logo stays in the memory for a long time and turns potential customers into a loyal audience. 

Of course, some may say that the success of the company as a whole does not depend on the quality and thoughtfulness of the design. Hardly Apple would be a less successful company with another visual identity design? Well, who knows... 

The most important thing about a logo is how you use it, as no one needs the logo by itself. Successful brands use the logo at all points of customer contact. That way, customers have an ongoing association with the company, its products, and the experience they get when they interact with the brand. 

Many leading brands use strong psychological techniques in creating their logos, and this is why we can picture the Ford logo or the logo of McDonald's' without thinking for more than a second. These are some of the examples of the visual identity, which became iconic and instantly recognizable across the globe. People might not use the products of these brands, but they see the badge and know what it is about. 

Some companies underestimate the importance of a logo to their business, and that's a big mistake. Simply look at the list of epic logo fails, and you will get the idea. A logo is not just a trademark or inscription. Logo design is at the forefront when promoting a company as a critical element of corporate identity. A logo is meant to reflect the high quality and features of the goods and services offered. It is a symbol that carries the meaning put into it.

There are a lot of web portals, such as, where you can look through the list of the most successful examples of visual identity designs, their history, and meanings, and it will help to see the main trend in creating a perfect image. 

Your logo has to be effective. It should evoke an emotional response from the potential customer. A small image determines how people will see the product, the service, and the company itself. A powerful logo often looks very simple. But there is nothing simple about creating an effective logo. Just looking at a logo should trigger a cause-and-effect chain in the customer's mind.