To rock some of the trendiest sunglasses, you don't have to schedule a beach-bound holiday or a destination wedding. Sunglasses are just as crucial for walking around the block or hanging in the park. Let us have a look at what kind of sunglasses are hot these days? It's safe to say that round sunglasses for girls are topping the fashion connoisseurs' charts this year. This retro-inspired accessory has come full circle in the form of round vintage sunglasses. 

This season, round sunglasses are making a serious comeback. They have metal forms that nod to the '70s and vintage-framed designs that channel the grunge look of the' 90s.

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We want to draw your attention in today's blog to some of the best styles to try this season.

Mirrored Rounds

Mirrored round sunglasses, seen on style mavens worldwide, have become one of the most significant fashion trends. These round sunglasses for girls make a bold statement with eye-catching reflective lenses and provide a perfect way to add color to your look. Mirrored sunglasses are young, vibrant, and perfect for summer. From monochromatic to oil-slick effects, they serve all fashion needs. When putting on a pair of mirrored lenses, don't be afraid to combine patterns, textures, or color pops as they provide the look with added dimension.

Tortoiseshell Rounds

If torn between a classic pair of sunglasses or something more of the moment, a style is straddling both covers all the bases. While more frequently referred to as Clubmasters, these half-rimmed form is worn by many celebrities. They have a thick upper frame that sits across the brows, making them ideal for any face shape and drives attention away from a wider jawline. The tortoiseshell frame has been given a makeover by mixing them with tinted brown lenses. This pair is a must for your everyday look.

Pink Rounds

These pink round sunglasses for girls are perfect when you want to sport a classy look that will undoubtedly make you feel good at the same time and make you look great. In the field of style and fashion, where accessories are already making all the difference, you might need to get a new pair of round pink sunglasses to top up your game. We have these Fastrack sunglasses in a retro silhouette, having the clear pink frames in trend. We recommend this pair of round sunglasses for girls for an overall monochromatic look that oozes old-school glamour.

Aviator Rounds

Aviator sunglasses are designed for demanding power and authority. This is what differentiates them from another accessory. One of the evolutions of aviator sunglasses is these blue colored round sunglasses for girls. The shape is pretty innovative as it has amalgamated two powerful styles together. Consider pairing a hot pink crew-neck print t-shirt with these sunglasses for an easy-to-wear, trendy ensemble. By finishing with Persian blue suede flat sandals, you can make your outfit slightly more refined.

Black Rounds

These round sunglasses for girls have got a laid back and fun look. For journeys, holidays, and pool parties, they are perfect. They have the most feminine and flattering shape that appears to add a touch of glamour and elegance to every look, and by styling these black round sunglasses with high-waisted jeans and quirky tops, you can refresh your everyday look. The black lenses are bold without being extra, and that's what makes them unique. But if you are looking for a mystery, we're sure that the oversized silhouette will cover your face just fine. 

You don't have to wait for a perfect occasion to channel your vintage look. These round sunglasses for girls are making a statement from runways to the real world. The next time you want to try a new look, but you are too lazy to create a new hairdo, just put on a pair of round sunglasses and see the change. What better than shopping for round sunglasses for girls from the comfort of your home. Try the virtual try-on facility from Titan Eyeplus and explore beautiful styles. Without further ado, grab your statement piece now.