Nowadays reading books is not so popular as it was 20 years ago. But parents understand how important it is to read books for kids in childhood as it educates the kid from his/her first steps. How to make your child love reading? Start with the book, let your kid choose the book, turn pages together and touch the pages. Illustrations are very important too. Lauren Grabois Fischer has the perfect collection of books for kids that teach children to be proud of who they are. The Be Books is a children's book publishing company that believes in empowering and educating our youth to live a positive and peaceful life.


Read it for yourself. If the child has never seen you reading a book — you have no chance to interest him/her in reading.


Turn the reading into a ritual-over a morning coffee with cardamom or evening scented cocoa, at dawn before all business, or before going to bed. You remember that gadgets don't belong there. So a good book — take it to bed!


Set up the world's most intimate reading corner at home. It can be a comfortable chair or sofa, a wide windowsill with pillows, a coffee table with a favorite table lamp, a bag chair, a balcony or an attic, or just an inspiring corner covered with drawings and postcards. Allow the child to arrange his/her own "place of power", where you can hang out with a book and no one will bother you.


How to find time for books if you are super-employed? Simply. Every time you want to look at your phone and check your likes, know that this is just the time to read.


Create a page for yourself and your child on Goodreads — this is a social network — a reader's diary online. There you can add books, write reviews, put ratings, recommend books to friends and enjoy what is "Read" on your shelf — there are more and more books. And at the end of the year, the platform will even count the number of pages you have read and create a beautiful infographic.


Behave like an advertisement on the Internet-slip your child books on topics that he/she is interested in. It is important to do this unobtrusively — because no one likes intrusive advertising. As with advertising, frequency is important — let the books constantly catch the child's eye.


Surround yourself and your child with cool books. Let them lie everywhere — on every shelf, in every bag, in the toilet and near the bed-the eyes see, the hand reaches out.


Don't leave the house without a book. Read in the queue or on the road — a boring routine in general can turn into the best moments of the day.


Choose your books carefully. Take book shopping seriously — keep track of new products, ratings, and scroll through everything long and intently in the store. A good book will immediately grab your attention, and you won't want to stop reading it. Choose with your child.


Offer up-to-date books. If the child is surrounded by really interesting modern publications and heroes with whom he/she can identify himself/herself, there is every chance that he will become an avid reader. Don't give your cutie a complex classic at once — you still need to grow up to the classics. Even if you liked it so much as a child. There was no YouTube in your childhood. Even non-boring classics are still written in conditions when time flowed quite differently: to a modern child, old books seem unnecessarily long. Do not blame YouTube, the world and our perception have changed, we need modern bright images and dynamic stories.


Subscribe to the most beautiful book stories on Instagram and Telegram channels that inspire you to read.


Arrange a book club at home - every Sunday for a delicious apple pie, gather the whole family and discuss who has read what interesting things. This will have a positive impact on family relations, because the communication itself is valuable, which is now so lacking in all the time. Do not interrupt, listen carefully to the stories. The TV must be turned off. This family warmth will create a positive image of reading, and the feeling that you are being listened to and heard is very important for everyone.


Watch movies and TV series based on books with your child. Then there is always a desire to reread, compare, and get a continuation of the story.


Sign up at the nearest library. You will be surprised by the changes that have occurred in it since you were here — now you can find the latest books here, and this will help you save significantly when shopping for books.


Start a book blog with your child — it can be a separate YouTube channel, an Instagram page, or anything where the child will talk or write about a cool book on a weekly basis. Become a producer of this blog — help during the filming or invite more readers. Such a project will encourage the child to read systematically. After all, everything is serious — subscribers will be waiting for a new blog every week, at a clear time.


Start a book challenge. Develop thematic tasks that the child must complete to get the prize that he/she has long dreamed of. For example, the theme can be Color. Tasks — to read a book with a green cover, a book by the author with a "colored surname", a book with a color in the title, to learn a poem where colors appear.


Spend a session of divination on verses. Ask funny questions — for example: "What awaits us on the math test?" or "Who is the neighbor in love with?" Turn reading into entertainment, accompanied by laughter and positive emotions.


Start your child's own library. Let him/her create a catalog — an electronic one. He will come up with a system for arranging the books — alphabetically or thematically. Children value private property-especially when it is their personal book and not a shared family book. Make yourself a reader's ticket here.


Go to literary presentations and book festivals together. There is a lot of entertainment for children, and the charisma of living authors, their witty stories and authority can inspire reading and interest the book.


Turn on audiobooks at home or in the car — during household chores, for example. A good story and reading can interest a child.


Arrange a children's book-themed party, such as a Harry Potter-themed one. Select the passage that the guests should act out in the roles. Or let them improvise.


Arrange a "garage sale" at home or in the yard-invite your child's friends to bring their read books that they would like to exchange for others.


Drop the bad books. Do not force yourself or the child. To read all the good books in this world, not even nine cat lives will be enough. Don't waste time on the bad ones.