Iran - a mountainous country with tremendous diversity of culture and tradition occupies much of the desert plateau surrounded by a range of massive mountains giving access to the interior side by their high passes.

Tehran, known as the capital city of Iran is a metropolis that lies nearly the Elburz Mountains. Tehran is one of the populous cities of Iran which preserves a great number of historical sites and at the same time is modernized as well! Along with this city, Shiraz and Esfahan also are the important cities that serve as a central hub for commerce, education, and culture.

It is always a pleasure to add Asian countries with highly rich culture in the list of our tourism. Iran is one of those interesting countries that fall under this realm. Its art, its clothing, its history, its ethnicity, and its food, they all add a value to its this beautiful country - a history freak would surely want to visit such a place where he is intrigued to find more enticing and attractive places.

So, when you are not sure where to travel, make it your destination. Here I would talk about some specialties of Iran that one must know in general. Let’s begin!

Something special about Persian Rugs
Laudable and most appreciated, these beautiful rugs from Iran possess a special quality as they are hand woven by the experts that give them a beautiful touch. The art inscribed in these carpets have their history dating back to 539 B.C. when Cyrus the Great for the first time introduced them during the period when he conquered Babylon. From then, by 2000 years the designs and the art have been modified greatly, making it more beautiful and alluring.

Old Windmills – dating back to 500 – 900 A.D.
Interestingly, during the period of 500 - 900 AD. The first practical windmills in the world were introduced in this country - Persia. They used it to draw up water or grind the grains. It is amazing to note that these windmills were built with straws and clays and some of them are still in working order! Most of them are built in the city of Nashtifan, as it is the windy town of Iran, that borders Afghanistan.

Spices and Iranian caviar – One of the greatest exports
The most expensive food - the caviar is one of the highly exported products of Iran. As Iran is connected to Caspian Sea, it processes the eggs of certain species of Sturgeon fish that are worth taking a taste of and you can Buy Caviar Online as well. This food has been loved and enjoyed by the Shahs and Tsars since ancient times, and till today it is known to be called royal food. The caviar is available in variety. For an instance, the most popular types are Almas caviar, Beluga Caviar, Osetra and Sevruga. Great to know, if you are hailing somewhere else and can't take a trip but you can still enjoy the vibrant taste of caviars, simple Buy Caviar London.

Moreover, you'll be amazed to know that of the total saffron in the world, Iran makes up to 90%! One should take a visit to the oldest farms where you can pick purple saffron flowers that are available in the range of thousands.

Iran is much more than just a desert
Many people think that if it describes or be a country on a desert plateau, it will be only having arid barren land! This is not it!

There are great places to pay your visit that one can write a separate guideline to it. Even, It has several ski resorts with modern style, matching the European standards. These resorts are maintained in quite a good way.

Habits and Manners are way too maintained 
When we talk about Iran, there is always much about cultural, ethnic, and traditional values. You’ll find Iranian people to follow certain habits that reflect their importance for mannerism. If you ever get the chance to visit any Iranian home, you'll get to know how differently they serve food. They make plenty of dishes that behooves a guest to try at least a bit of everything. They serve food on the floor and everyone enjoys sitting down for the food. In their culture, the food is eaten with the right hand.

So for the next time you plan to take an exotic tour, book your tickets to Persia, and enjoy the Iranian air. I must say this written piece isn’t sufficient to understand the country’s magnificent beauty and classic history, and there is still a great deal to talk about Iran. So, start exploring more about it, and make your travel possible to this country!