If you are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, there is a long list of dos and don’ts. Don’t drink alcohol, don’t smoke, don’t lift heavy weights and the list is long. 

Every experienced mom will be ready to give you tips when you are expecting. They will tell you how to stay healthy but does every myth worth trying? Probably not. But there are a few things that generally work for a lot of women. 

Here is a list of 10 things you should do for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Have a brief look down below:

1-      Take Prenatal Vitamins
Staying healthy requires the right amount of nutrients. With the modern lifestyle, it is not possible to take all nutrients and vitamins through food.

But to fulfill the requirements, there are prenatal vitamins available for expecting mothers. Even when a woman is trying to conceive, it is recommended to take prenatal vitamins. 

A newborn baby’s head will develop in the early stages of pregnancy, so it is important that the mother take essential nutrients like iron, folic acid, calcium, and so on.  

These prenatal vitamins are available in all drugstores and modern community pharmacies and they’re not really expensive.

2-      Exercise
Exercise is important for general health, but when you are expecting, it becomes indispensable that you do exercise to reduce stress, improve blood circulation, lift up your mood, control weight, and sleep better. 

There are hundreds of pregnancy exercise videos on the internet, you can watch them and try the exercises at home for 15 to 20 minutes. 

Be sure to do the exercise indoors, in a cool shaded area if you are outdoors at a moderate pace. You don’t want to get overheated or suffocated while being pregnant. Pilates, yoga, swimming, and walking are all great options for pregnant women of all ages. 

3-      Eliminate Toxins from your Life
 Cigarette smoking, alcohol, and drugs are associated with pregnancy risks. 

Many women have had miscarriages, birth defects, and other problems due to drug and alcohol abuse. 

No matter what your poison is, it is better to leave it for the sake of your own health and for your baby’s health. 

Consult with your doctor and they can recommend programs that can help you. Try to avoid it all together otherwise, there have been cases where oxygen flow is decreased for the baby and it leads to preterm and further complications. 

4-      Stir Up Your Routine a Little Bit
When you are expecting and pregnancy seems to be in the early stages, you need to be careful. 

Things like scrubbing the bathroom floor, lifting up weights, exposure to toxins, cleaning after your pets, and doing things that cause extra fatigue are not ideal for pregnant women. 

Take things slowly in your routine and wear gloves and a mask when you are working. Don’t rush for anything as rushing can endanger your health.

5-      Take your Medication
 It is recommended that every woman see a doctor for her pregnancy as there could be underlying conditions that may go unnoticed. 

If your doctor prescribes you a medicine, you have to take your medicine and supplements as per the doctor’s instructions. 

Apart from that, you shouldn’t be taking any pills for pain relief and such. Women who don’t have access to a doctor should consult with a midwife or any elder in their family or community for natural remedies and guidance.

6-      Track your Weight Gain 
Pregnancy can make you gain weight, but you should track it because you would want to add healthy weight not the other way around. 
Also, you are going to be eating for two so you will gain weight rapidly.  Expecting mothers who don’t gain weight can put a baby’s development at risk. So, a healthy weight gain is normal, just don’t forget to track it.

7-      Go for Comfortable Shoe Shopping
When your bump starts to grow, you are going to need new clothes and shoes because your body is growing. 
Not only you need bigger clothes but big shoes as well. Your body will naturally put extra weight on your toes, and it can be painful for some women as well. 

Some retain fluids too that can swell the feet and ankles. Ultimately, you are going to need big, comfortable, and non-restricting shoes while you are pregnant. If you feel too tired, get a foot massage to relieve some of the fatigue.

8-      Drink Plenty of Water
During pregnancy, you are not just drinking for yourself but for your baby too.  Water is a medium in your placenta. 

Water will carry important nutrients to your baby and develop enough supply of oxygen for both of you. 

It will flush out the toxins and take away carbon dioxide. Drinking water can also help expecting mothers away from constipation, fatigue, headaches, swelling, hemorrhoids, UTIs, and other uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

For a normal expecting mother, 8 to 10 glasses of water are recommended. Some women find the taste of water bitter due to hormones so add a slice of lime or a splash of fresh juice in water for better taste throughout the day.

9-      Eat Fresh Fruits
Although you are going to take vitamin pills and supplements prescribed by your doctor, to stay healthy, you must eat fresh fruits. Doctors suggest limiting caffeine intake and for good reason. 

But what is the alternate for quick energy? Well, an apple or a banana can rejuvenate you and give you an energy boost to carry out your important tasks.   

10-   Stay Clean
Whether you are pregnant or not you should keep up with your hygiene. Frequent hand washing can eliminate bacteria and viruses. 

Make sure to keep a hand sanitizer with you because you don’t want the germs to enter your body.

These are some of the important things that you can opt to stay healthy during pregnancy. You can add more if you want. We wish nothing but the best for all pregnant women.
Stay Healthy, Stay Safe...