Temporary agencies or "temp" (also referred to as employment agents) are businesses dedicated to placing job seekers in short-term and long-term contract positions with different companies and industries. Usually, the company is looking for staffing agents to fill open contracts and temporary jobs because it is easy, speed, and expertise.

What are the benefits of using a temp agent?
Ever wondered where your application goes when you send it to the workboard? Chances are, it gets into a large database full of other applications like yours. Drink, right? The benefit of using a temp agent like Parker is that we get your resume directly in front of the recruitment manager. You miss a database and continue the stack, instead of getting timely feedback about your application, which doesn't always occur when registering for yourself.

Working with temp agencies means you have an advocate, someone to help you with footwork. We put you in front of managers in entrepreneurs who are looking for and help you succeed. Recruiters will often work with you in improving your resume and training your interview style. Here, at Parker, we go above & beyond by communicating with you every step, and we always have your best interest in the heart.

Do I have to pay a temp agency to find me a job?
In Parker, job seekers don't need to pay us to find them jobs; In fact, most staff agents and temp work in the same way. When Parker puts the contractor, we charge the company directly based on the number of hours of our contractor.

How do employment agents work?
The staffing agent searches, interviews, and places job seekers into full-time and short-term job openings with the company. Whether you are looking for your first job in company settings or looking for temporary opportunities to add to your resume, an agency can be a valuable resource in job hunting.

What is the process of recruiting a staff office?
Even though we cannot speak for every staffing agent out there, this is usually what you expect from most employment institutions, especially here in the Seattle area.

After sending your resume - whether for the current opening or only general resume shipping - recruiters will review your information. They will determine whether you are suitable, based on the field of work placement expertise. In the case of Parker, our focus field in Puget's voice area includes Executive Assistant, Human Resources, Administration, and Call Center.

If they will be a good source for your job search, you are likely to be contacted to schedule interviews with recruiters. Your recruiter will guide you through the interview process, know you, understand your skills, and ask questions about what you are looking for on your next occasion - whether a contract or full time. When you interview with Parker, our recruiters will also help you polish your resume, and provide direct feedback - based on everything starting from a professional appearance to answer key questions properly. Want some tips for interviews?

If your recruiters happen to have the opening of the work you want, they will guide you through a job description, see if it's something you like. Does it sound like a match? Your recruiter will present you and your resume to the recruitment manager, also offers several main talk points that highlight you, your applicable skills, and your important achievement.
After the recruitment manager reviews your credentials, they will decide whether to consider you for their position or not. If they do, you will likely be scheduled for interviewing them. After interviews, your recruiters must be related to getting feedback from you and the recruitment manager. If selected, the Manpower Agency will complete the details including payment rates, documents, and start date.

What makes Parker different?
Parker goes beyond and outside to ensure our contractors are prepared and comfortable in every involvement, which translates into success at work. Our operating team will contact you regularly to check your credit - Are you happy? Is there anything you need to help you become successful? Can we train you through a difficult work situation that you might face? You will never feel alone when you work with Parker because we believe that communication with our contractors is the key to their success.