Dining Like Royalty During a Trip to the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea region is one of the planet's most beloved vacation destinations, and with good reasoning. The area is chock-full of history, culture and nature. It's even brimming with fantastic culinary offerings. The "Mediterranean Diet" isn't just a delicious one, either. That's because it's often nutritious and balanced. If you're going to be visiting the scenic Mediterranean in the future, you should make a point to track down and nosh on these irresistible dishes.

There are so many ways to revel in the wonders of the Mediterranean. Mediterranean cruises can be terrific for people who want to take it easy. If you wander around during a cruise stop in an exotic place, you may be able to delight in mouthwatering food, foreign culture, or historical landmarks. Mediterranean cruises stop in varied places such as Spain, Italy and Greece.


Paella is basically a Spanish culinary staple. If you want to revel in an authentic taste of Spain, you can't top a plate of paella. This is a rice meal that hails from the city of Valencia. It typically consists of saffron, mixed vegetables, pieces of chicken and short-grain rice. People commonly find paella that includes seafood such as mussels and shrimp as well.

Greek Spinach Pie or Spanakopita

If you're fortunate enough to stop in Greece during a cruise or any kind of Mediterranean trip in general, you can't leave until you've had a taste of Greek spinach pie. It's a haven for fans of phyllo dough. It's basically a savory pie that's teeming with a tasty combination of feta cheese and spinach. People who want to fill up on hearty Mediterranean foods can't go wrong with this Southern European classic.


Hummus is a savory dip that's a favorite among foodies around the earth. Hummus, in a nutshell, makes a fine side dish or appetizer. It's a paste that's made of chickpeas that are mashed. Other ingredients that are part of hummus include garlic, lemon, olive oil and sesame seeds. It makes a fine nutritious snack in between heavier meals. If you're planning a long day of walking during a trip, then you may not want to weigh yourself down with any food items that are overly bulky. Hummus may work like a charm on those kinds of days.


Gyros are yet another staple from Greece. They're not just popular street foods in big cities such as New York, New York. If you want an authentic gyro, you should make a point to chow down on one during any stops you may have on Greek soil. Gyros consist of cooked meat. If the mere thought of enjoying beef, chicken, pork or mutton sounds tantalizing to you, then you can't leave the Mediterranean without ordering a gyro or two. Gyros generally are concealed in pita bread. They also frequently include additional ingredients such as tzatziki sauce, onions and tomatoes. Tzatziki sauce is a yogurt-based dip that's a tradition in the Mediterranean region.


Pasta is something that's highly familiar to people all around the globe. That doesn't mean that it's not authentically Mediterranean, however. If you want to savor a genuine taste of the Mediterranean, you should try your hand at bona fide pasta dishes. It doesn't matter if you go for carbonara, cacio e pepe, gnocchi or anything else along those lines. There's no better place on the planet to consume Italian food than in Italy itself.

Greek Salad

If you're looking for something fresh and energizing, you should go for a Greek salad or a "horiátiki salata." Greek salads typically are composed of elements such as cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and onions. They're often topped with Greek oregano, pepper, olive oil and salt dressings. If you want to fill up without going overboard, you can't beat a classic Greek salad.