There are around 1000 dating apps that anyone can use to find their soul mate. The difficulty is in sparking a conversation and hoping that the other person responds. Maybe you've tried cheesy lines or witty tricks, and nothing's worked for you. Don't give up! The goal is to figure out what works for you and speaks to your personality. If you want some strategies to break the ice, then you need to know the best online dating questions. 

What is the Value of a Dating Question?

Conversation starters or questions are about getting to know someone and knowing what they are like. A good question shows you are interested in someone's character. It can help you spark a natural conversation without the other person thinking that you're weird. Here are some of the best questions to ask on a dating app, whenever you see someone that you are interested in: 

1. What Do You Look for Most When Meeting Someone New? 

This is a great first question to ask because you are figuring out their character and what they are looking for in a person. You are seeing what kind of person they are interested in. 

2. Sweet or Savoury? 

This another great question to ask if you want to get to know somebody's character. It can be especially helpful if you go on a date with them because you know what they prefer. 

3. Coffee or Tea? 

A lot of people are divided on this question. If the person you answered with either, you can have some follow up questions about which tea or coffee is their favorite or ask them why it's their favorite. 

4. If You Were Stuck on an Island, What Book Would You Bring with You? 

Here requires to think about the answer. You'll discover a lot about the person's character depending on how they answer. 

5. Where is the Best Place to Live? 

You can tell a lot by a person by how much they've traveled or where their favorite places are. You can also ask a follow-up question on why they want to live there. 

6. What is the Strangest Dream You've Had? 

While this question is a bit riskier, it can also be a fun way to see if someone opens up to you. You might be surprised at some of the answers you get. 

7. Where Did You Grow Up? 

This is a simple question that is really about getting to know the other person. After they answer, you can then talk about where you grew up. 

8. What is Your Darkest Secret? 

This is a question that can be a lot of fun, and you'll get various answers. You might find some hilarious answers when you do ask someone this question on a dating app.

9. What is Your Favorite Sport? 

This is another straightforward question to ask someone. You are also finding out if they like sports and if they like any unique sports that are uncommon. 

10. What Superpower Do You Wish You Had? 

This is a fun question to ask to learn about someone's character. You can also ask why they choose that power. 

11. What is Something Nobody Knows about You? 

This is a bold question to ask, but it can be interesting depending on the response you get. If you do get a response, it shows that the other person trusts you. 

12. Going to the Supermarket, Need Anything?

This is a random and funny question to ask someone on a dating app because you don't know what the other person might say. It also helps break the ice. 

13. What Accomplishments are You Most Proud of? 

Learning about someone's accomplishments shows you are interested in what they've done rather than their physical appearance. You can learn a lot about someone depending on how they respond to this question. 

14. Fruit or Veggies? 

This is a fun question to ask that also invites more questions. If they say fruit, you can ask what their favorite fruit is or what their favorite veggie is. 

15. What is the Best Joke You Know? 

You know if someone has a good sense of humor based on the jokes they tell. It's also a good time to tell any of your jokes that can break the ice. 

16. Would You Ever Travel Through Space? 

This is an out of the box question that also makes someone curious. When you ask this question, it can also invite more questions as to why they would travel through space or wouldn't. 

17. What is Your Biggest Fear? 

Learning someone's biggest fear can tell you a lot about a person. You can learn why they have that fear and if you have common fears with that person. 

18. What is Your Favorite Disney Movie? 

This is a fun question to ask that also tells you a lot about a person's character and childhood. You can also see if they ever watched Disney movies as a child. 

19. What is Something You Want to Do on Your Bucket List? 

When you ask this question, you find out what is someone's bucket list in the first place. You can then ask some follow up questions about why it's on their bucket list. 

20. What Language Do You Wish You Spoke? 

It can be interesting to see why someone wants to speak German, Russian, or another foreign language. It's a great ice breaker if you want to know someone. 

21. Introvert or Extrovert? 

Asking if someone's an introvert or extrovert gives you an idea of what they like to do. You'll discover if they are shyer and reserved or they like to be the center of a party. 

22. What Would Be Your Ideal date? 

Asking this question can give you some ideas if you do go on a date with someone from the dating app. You can also ask a follow-up question on what's been their worst date. 

23. What is the Best Restaurant? 

Asking this question benefits you because you can discover a new restaurant and you learn what kind of food that person likes. It can also be a great first date. 

24. What Talent Do You Wish You Had? 

This is a great question because you understand what that person wishes they could do if it plays an instrument or does something else. You can also share what you wish you could do. 

25. What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve? 

The final question to ask is why someone has a certain pet peeve. It helps you avoid this pet peeve if you ever go on a date with that person.

Now it's Time to Find Your Match!

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